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10/19/07 8:21:38AM
whatever u say man
10/19/07 10:45:02AM
i dont know how anyone can say shammy shouldnt be in the HOF, its ridiculous, he was a pioneer and maybe the best in the world at one time.

back on subject, tank is a guy that was arguably the most recognizable fighter in the ufc at one time, especially considering that royce was just known by some as "that brazilian guy that doesnt look like a fighter". when the sport started and was NHB tank looked the part and had a certain aura. the sport has definately passed him by(a long time ago), but he deserves some credit for drawing interest to the sport. maybe not a spot in the HOF but definately a mention as one of the early pioneers of the sport.
10/19/07 12:58:52PM
ive seen a few ppl put that GSP should be in the hall of fame...why?? he has beat some people but he has yet to keep his title. so i dont see him in the HOF yet
10/19/07 2:43:27PM
As big of a fan of GSP's that I am, I do have to agree on that actually. He's got potential and more to be in the HOF but right now, loony's right.
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