Hackleman Asks: The toughest interviews in the game

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1/5/08 12:21:48PM
Are they the worst interviews ever done or are they so good it just blows your mind? You be the judge. Somewhere along the road of coaching the likes of Chuck Liddell to championships, fight coach John Hackleman snapped and decided to hold a mirror to the face of interviewers everywhere

i tought it was funny so why not post it-->>

Hackleman Asks

also i tought i add a video of dana white saying what dana white says...

Dana (*******) White doing what he does best

1/7/08 1:03:36AM
Hackleman had a couple of funny ones there...especially with Wandy, and Babalu "They ******* kicked me out"....PRICELESS!!
1/7/08 6:42:08PM
LOL man I like the hackleman ones. Especially where he's talking to chuck.
1/8/08 1:05:43PM
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