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8/31/07 2:34:14AM
I intend to go to both of these to check em out, before I make my ultimate decision BUT while I don't have time for that at the moment I thought i would see if any of these intelligent minds on here could give me some of your thoughts/oppinions. James foster is the head instructor there. OR Eric Dahlberg is an instructor as well as marcelo alonso

any input appreciated, thanks ahead of time.
8/31/07 8:07:16AM
The intelligent minds haven't answered yet, so...Trying them both out is the way to go. If you're just starting out getting an instructor and training partners you feel comfortable with is more important than the fight credentials of the instructors or the nuance of their style. A couple of things to check out at any school:
* Are there other people your age, weight and experience level to train with
* Are the more experienced guys trying to help you or to prove how tough they are
* Does the instructor on the website and brochures actually teach the classes or is it someone the isntructor willing to spar/roll
* What is their attituded about sparring for newcomers and about competition for more experienced fighters--and does it match what you're looking to do.

A quick look at those places makes it sound like there's experienced people instructing at each. One note is that the Foster school appears to have more grappling classes available than the other one but virtually no striking. The other one has fewer total classes but includes kickboxing and boxing. That might be the difference but you didn't specifiy the type of training you were looking for so I can't comment.

Good luck!
8/31/07 2:46:21PM
After checking them out, I'd definitely go with Ring Demon. Mostly because they have a vast amount of knowledgeable trainers there in specific areas. I think that's the place that will offer you the better training, and mold the best game for you. They don't run nearly as many classes, so that is something you should take into consideration, as well as pricing. But from looking at it, Ring Demon would be my place of choice, but that could easily change after going in and taking a look at them first hand. Good luck with everything
8/31/07 3:09:41PM
thanks, and as for the question of what training I was interested in the most would definately be bjj, although I will eventually delv into the mma aspect eventually,I want a good base of jj
8/31/07 5:17:35PM
good luck i got a mma gym to, so great to see your fighter grow
9/1/07 2:12:58AM
You own your own MMA gym?
9/1/07 6:52:02AM
yer fullerene is right wen i started muay thai i went to the gym nearest me and all the guys there were helpful and the instructer was gd which made me enjoy myself more and want to continue and train harder