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9/21/10 6:14:10PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Hey, I've talked with Matty many times. I know the work ethic is there. I've just questioned the mental aspect. I always root for my own. You can believe I want him to succeed for the Cardinal and Gold. I'm just wondering if, mentally, he's taken too much time off.

I should have clarified, I've never been concerned with the physical work of Matty boy, or Vince, or Jay, it's their mental state that I've questioned with this draft class.

That's why I said "it's like they don't give a sh*t"

Well, to me anyway, it's hard to put in the physical work without at least some form of mental give a ****. Ask him about the workouts he's been doing with Jay Glazer and some of the MMA fighters. Dude has been working his ass off on all of that. Since one of his biggest problems has been footwork and movement in the pocket I've given a lot of credit to the kind of work he's put in

To me, his biggest set back was the lack of seriousness that he had for the league upon entering. I hate to say it, but I think he thought he would just be great. That's why he was off partying instead of working on this stuff THEN as opposed to now.

That being said, many NFL athletes do the same. I'm just more critical of Matty because he's a Trojan.

Personally, it seemed that Lienart had the talent, although it seems few and far between that you find a really outstanding left handed QB... But I think he just really wanted to be a star instead of an athlete, not that I blame him it's got to be awefully tempting
9/21/10 6:24:12PM

Posted by ChrisSabal

Just wondering what some of you guys think about my team. It is in a league of 10 people.

QB-Peyton Manning
RB-Steven Jackson
RB-Cedric Benson
WR-Steve Smith(NYG)
WR-Mike Wallace
TE-Veron Davis
K-Mason Crosby
FLEX-Joseph Addai(RB)

BN-Justin Forsett(RB)
BN-Kenny Britt(WR)
BN-Greg Olsen(TE)
BN-Chad Henne(QB)
BN-Garrett Wolfe(RB)....sorry I had to he is my favorite player haha. And I always do with the last pick.

Looks like a pretty solid squad... My views a little skewed though because I've been playing in a ppr for a few years now and look for more depth at WR...

I would've had a pretty similar squad, took SJax in the first but passed on Manning for Fitz in the second, kind of kicking myself in the ass for that choice right now... I have McNabb as my starter and Rothlisberger on my bench
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