What are your guys's final decisions for ufc 127 main 3 fights?

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2/26/11 3:01:17AM
So yea what r u ur final piks and if u want why?

I got BJ Pen by 80% submission and 20% ko/tko cuz jon fitch has a great chin. Also i dnt think grindng is gunna work every time.
Jorje Rivera By ko/tko cuz bisping always circels right, so he'll get caught at one point.
Dennis Siver by Ko i dnt know i jusr have a feeling.
So wat do u guys think? r my piks stupid? Do guys agree?

P.S. srry for my spelling i broke my arm.
2/26/11 7:39:01AM
I have Fitch by UD, Fitch is great at what he does and I see Fitch being Mr Reliable.

Bisping will desroy Rivera IMO, Bisping looked ready to go at the weigh ins and I dont think Rivera will be able to handle the tempo set by Bisping.

Its Sotir's time, he will get Siver down and sink in a sub.
2/26/11 8:16:18AM
Going with fitch, sotoropolous, and bisping
2/26/11 11:37:53AM
I'm hoping for Penn to win but have to go with Fitch by the ud;he's just too big ,strong and good at wrestling.
I got Rivera but won't be surprised either way.
And Sotir by sub for sure.
2/26/11 11:58:54AM
Sorry about your arm, man.

I have Fitch by decision, Bisping by decision, and G-Sot by 2nd round submission.
2/26/11 12:54:17PM
Fitch UD for sure.
Bisping UD probably. (Hoping for a Rivera KO)
Sotiropoulous submission, round 2.
2/26/11 12:58:18PM
Fitch by UD (hope for a BJ sub)

Rivera by SD

G-Spot by RNC
2/26/11 2:13:10PM
Fitch by UD
Bisping by UD
Sotr by Sub
2/26/11 3:04:41PM
Fitch UD
Rivera KO early
Siver KO 2nd

I'm liking the dogs on this card.
2/26/11 3:22:37PM
Going with the "safe" picks....
Fitch....UD.....Penn is notoriously bad against big wrestlers....Fitch is his nemesis arch-type.
Bisping....UD He will get caught early so that I will get all excited and hopeful for Warge.....but then will break my heart and soul by putting on a careful display of stand up where he engages just enough to squeeke out a "W".
Soda Pop.....Sub Siver has been subbed before and doesn't have a great ground game as he has been subbed by guys who are only decent on the ground.....Soda Pop is great on the ground.
2/26/11 3:56:26PM
Hi all, I'm new to the boards but have been an MMA fan since almost the beginning. I do win a lot of money on my confident plays and usually break even once if I bet for the hell of it. My most profitable plays have been the most prediable ones. GSP v. Penn 2, Anthony Johnson v. Yoshida, Shogun v. Machida 2, GSP v. Hughes 2,3, Sot v. Stevenson, Hathaway v. Sanchez, Mitrione v. Kimbo, Mitrione v. Hauge, Dos Santos last 3 fights, Cain v. Lesnar, Jones v. Vera.... Notice these fights are few and far between, but I bet A LOT when I'm really confident and bet small when I'm anything short of VERY confident. I've lost my ass one a few plays too: Sonnen v. Silva, Belfort v. Silva, Florian v. Penn, Almeida v. Hughes, Russow v. Duffee and Miller v. Oliveira. (probably a few more but subconsciously forgot them). I do know that when I bet BIG they are usually on underdogs and I have made A LOT more than I lost. I do believe I have a gift to predict fights. I am an athlete that has competed in BJJ, been an avid MMA (mostly UFC) for a long time. I watch fights numerous times so I think all gives me a good basis to judge agility, talent, and skill when I see it. That being said.

Taking the odds into consideration (always for me) for UFC 127's main three...

I got Siver +310. He has good stand up, and he's quicker than Sot. I made a killing on Sot against Stevenson, all my friends laughed at me at the bar, especially because Sot's body looks kinda weird, but I knew he was underrated plus Stevenson being overrated :P. I also made a killing picking Siver over Fisher. I knew his stand up would trump Fishers. That being said, I like the straight punches Sot throws because it works well for MMA, but I think Siver will be able to slip one of um and connect with a big hook. Sot almost got KOed by Pelligrino at the end of the third, it convinces me that Siver will have a good chance to KO him. As long as Siver keeps it standing, he wins, if he gets put on his back early in any round, he's done. I see this one as a coin flip, therefore I'm taking the odds on this one.

Taking BJ +185, because I think he'll avoid the take down and exploit Fitch standing up. Not betting on Bisping fight because the odds are pretty accurate. I think Bisping should win, but Jorge does have the power to punish Bisping. Bisping likes to move right, and when he moves left it isn't natural for him and he usually falls back into his habit once he's comfortable. I think I just talked myself into putting something small on Jorge by TKO/KO :).

I'm not VERY confident in any one of these plays, so I'm playing small. I will bet big on the next fight night. I will lay a good size bet on Kampmann when he fights Diego "the Robot" (he got rid of nightmare, so I thought Robot suits him well :P) Sanchez. The only way Sanchez will win is if Kampmann's cardio is non existent which I have no reason to think that it will (he's in a good camp).
2/26/11 6:02:48PM
Fitch UD (This is the easiest 11 of the night people, come on)

Rivera 1st KO (I have my reasons, Cowcatcher has the same ones)

Sodapop Round 1 Sub (he's not going to want to stand with Siver, AT ALL)
2/26/11 7:18:58PM
got fitch by dec
g soto by sub round 1
and bisping by dec but i did have him by ko should have sticked with it but changed it back to dec at last second
2/26/11 8:48:08PM
Penn by UD
Bisping by RD3 KO (Rivera is a idiot)
G-Soto by sub RD2