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6/10/11 1:20:47PM
So, I know a couple of people that have had success with online dating and was thinking about giving it a try. I've always sorta chuckled at the idea and have not takin' it too seriously, but a guy I used to work with recently got married to a girl that he met from a dating I got over my fears and said what the hell. Anyway, I've just been laying low and checking out the scene, but think I'm ready to dive in. I think I've narrowed it down and am considering pursuing one of the girls, but still have some reservations. What I'm asking from the PG is to just check out her video and give me some feedback. I think I just need to hear from other people that it will be OK. Anyway, thanks in advance.


6/10/11 2:07:57PM
6/10/11 2:18:24PM
She seems like a perfectly adjusted young lady, but it's so hard to predict what someone will be like when they're older.

6/10/11 2:23:19PM
I was about to write a serious response about how I met my wife from online dating, but something told me to check out the video first. Oh grappler, I should have known.

I'd say its a go with Debbie. I'm sure you love cats just as much as she does. Just not the ones she's talking about.
6/10/11 2:28:11PM
She kind of looks like Pam from The Office, and it appears she has something racktacular going on just out of camera range. I could fake liking cats for a day or two to hit that. EDIT: Any longer than that and I'd be on suicide watch though.
6/10/11 2:32:32PM
6/10/11 4:03:26PM
Thanks for the feedback guys. I knew I could count on you. Since everyone obviously agrees that I shouldn't let this one get away, I'm gonna step up to the plate. The only decision now is when to tell her that I'm married. I'm thinking on waiting to see how the first date goes, since it might not even be a factor if it doesn't work out. Who am I kidding? My wife likes cats too...I'm sure they'll hit it off.
6/10/11 6:14:55PM

Posted by emfleek

I know exactly where you were going with this one. Gotta spread the love first. A lot of different varieties to choose from.
6/10/11 6:44:33PM
Yes, so many choices...I prefer mine snappin'.
6/21/11 10:03:40PM
Bloody for me

Hey, I hope you really didn't need any serious help with this, lol. Looks like your boys got your back though. Once the video started and I saw the hits I thought it had to be a joke. That chick almost looks like she is laughing too. I didn't see a single ocular secretion!

However.... She seemed pretty cute, I'd do her dirty.
6/23/11 5:29:41PM
Grappler, you seem like an intelligent guy. I don't think you need advice from people you hardly know and trust.

I have good and bad things to say about the video but my opinions do not matter in this situation.

Good luck,
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