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1/18/08 7:19:26PM

My buddy showed me this one day theres few different versions but this kid can play..
1/18/08 7:30:27PM
Nicely done, he has totally overplayed the Jerry C arrangement and destroyed the integrity of the original Canon.

Thumbs down from Mastodon
1/18/08 7:35:13PM
[quote]crunkwun (1 hour ago)
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!! I know dat asians are gods on video games but guitars too? DAM.............DAM DAM DAM

KyockLee123 (1 hour ago)
YES! ASIANS RULE!!!! [/quote]


But Yea I didn't like it. That song I always just use to relax me.
1/18/08 7:56:59PM
i personally liked this one a bit better than Jerry C's original. it had a lot of hard riffs and took tremendous skill, but he could have dialed it down a little bit because after a while all of those fast notes start to sound like uncoordinated noise although most of his solos were good. i liked the lower tone and his rhythm was good too. idk why, just something about that makes it better than the first imo, sorry to disagree mastodon.

1/18/08 7:59:34PM
for a 16 yr old frenchie hes got some talent.
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