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9/19/07 5:06:35PM
Hey guys, just found out about this place and signed up. I recently started taking MMA seriously due to the hype from the main event of UFC 71, since then I've been hooked. Thought this was a great place to enjoy the sport even more.
9/19/07 5:42:41PM
it is a great site, congrets and welcome to the site
9/19/07 6:12:43PM
Welcome. This is a great site, it is very fun. The people on here are very informative about MMA. Good luck with the games on here.
9/21/07 3:48:12PM
Thanks for the welcome. I'm already getting more enjoyment from this sport called MMA due to leagues, it makes watching the fights even more interesting.
9/21/07 6:03:30PM

btw im watching harry potter right now
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