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7/6/08 4:00:49PM
in my book that's definitely the fight of the night..Its like a basketball game wherein the losing team comes from behind and snatch a 1 point victory on a buzzer beating shot...and coming from a purple belt submitting a highly respected black belt , Miller shows tremendous fighting spirit on that fight, I guess Rogan is right that Gurgel is really hard on himself and that he wanted every fight to have a slambang show and forget his BJJ game
7/6/08 9:36:11PM
Gurgel should be embarassed that he got subbed by Miller
7/6/08 9:43:27PM
Fight of the Night? I doubt it. I haven't seen it, but I have a hard time believing that Gurgel could be in a FOTN, let alone be in a fight better than Griffin/Rampage.
7/6/08 9:51:34PM
the fight was a very good fight, but it was no rampage vs. griffin. the main event was a war, it was close and the stakes couldn't have been higher.
7/7/08 12:41:37AM
Sad to see a guy like Gurgel waste a talent that he has. He coould be exciting without being so reckless.
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