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10/3/07 4:49:06PM
Thread title is obvious, what're you playin'? I use an Ibanez RG321MH with a Line 6 Spider III 250 watt amp.
10/3/07 5:04:38PM

My guitar. I wanted to start playing and my parents didn't want to go out and spend $600 on a guitar if there was a chance I would suck and not want to play. But, it's going good and I'm having fun. Been teaching myself to play since December of 06 and I already started my own black power death metal band. We still haven't decided on a name. We wanted to use Wide Load but felt it wasn't metal enough, so we switched to Hand in a Blender, but we wanted to use that as a song, and we are currently known as Seven Car Pile-Up.
10/3/07 6:23:23PM
I'm a Bass player.

Even got a Bass clef tattoo on my forearm.

I got an Ibanez sound gear,Fendor Jazz,Peavy Foundation,(5-string),and my baby is an Alvarez 5-string. No model name,but the thing sounds amazing!I do own several guitars.I have two old Kay guitars,a sigma,two hand made guitars from my grandfathers cousin(the action on them is crazy too.They would make excellent slide guitars).Got two violins,two mandlins,a keyboard,banjo.

Never was good at drums so I don't own a drum set.

I got a fendor bassman 200,a peavy half stack with a realy old head (1979),and an Ampeg 120 watt kick back amp and a 15 watt crate amp.
10/4/07 12:50:41AM
got an 1973 ovation i hate it stupid ass bowl it was my pops so and then i got a 69 sg that i never play bc my amp broke but oh well
10/4/07 10:33:35AM
I play mainly Jazz fusion, and I use an Ibanez K-7 (the Korn signature model - lol, this thing never gets used for the chunga chunga of the guys who designed it!) into a Line6 PodXT into a Fedner Deluxe 90 amp.

I usually use a Boss PW10 V Wah, a Digitech Whammy Pedal and a DOD Yngwie Johann Malmsteen Overdrive pedal in my signal chain too.

I recently purchased a Fender Strat, Arctic white (which is acually more of a cream colour) with a Maple fingerboard. Bright and snappy as anything, plays like butter. I love Fenders for a clean tone, nothing comes close to a Fender in that respect, and they are just so effortlessly playable.

However, when I want to put the hi gain sound on I just grab the K-7 and crank it up!
10/4/07 12:08:52PM
I own several guitars, but mainly I play a 1966 Fender Mustang. If it wasn't worth so much many, I'd put different pickups in it, but that would be stupid of me. I play it plus I have an American Made Strat and Tele, and I have a Gibson Les Paul, among several other acousics and electrics, and a couple of banjos and violins even. My whole family plays music so I've been around it my entire life.
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