10/30/07 10:10:37AM
Well just played the game, and actually it just kicks any other Guitar Hero game right now u can buy, if your thinking about buying any other than the 3rd it's a mistake, you wont feel lost even if you havent played the previous ones. AAAAAnyways i just wanted to get some feedback from you guys on how you think the game is if you played it. Personnally iv'e only played on the ps2 I at a buddy's house. am going to buy it today for the ps3. Also I wanna know what all of your favorite tracks are on the game. Mine's definitely ONE-METALLICA for am probly am one of they're biggest fans (Number of the beast-Iron Maiden is a very close second as is Raining Blood- Slayer)


Honorable Mentions :
Poison-Talk Dirty To me
Social Distortion- Story Of My Life
Beastie Boys- Sabotage (co-op encore)
Alice Cooper-School's out
Cream- Sunshine of your life
Rage Against the machine- Bulls on parade(encore)
The Rolling Stones- Painted Black
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Suck My Kiss (co-op encore)
Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Blue Oyster Cult- Cities On Flame With Rock n' Roll (co-op encore)
The whole Setlist #5 actually is by itself an honorable mention including Gun's n' Roses- Welcome To The Jungle
Tenacious D- The Metal
Muse- Knights Of Cydonia
Eric Johnson- Cliffs Of Dover
Dragonforce- Through the Fire and the Flames
Heroes Of Del Silencio- Avalancha
Killswitch Engage- My curse
Lacuna Coil- Closer
NAAST- Mauvais Garcon
Superbus- Radio song

10/30/07 6:59:40PM
I got it for the 360 and it is sick.I Normally play on hard but i got stuck on the 2nd to last set of songs for now.So i went thru and beat it on Medium i still havent unlocked all the songs Like Sabotage and Dragonforce im not sure why it says beat the game and unlock Dragonforce but it didnt..Im doing online Co-Op tonight with my brother so maybe it'll unlock when i beat it that way.I got 2 secret achievements on accident as well lol.But if you dont have the 360 you dont have the achievements part.. alot of them are Ridiculously hard.But Favorite song to play uhhh i like Paronoid its fun to play and Welcome to the Jungle..Im hopin they release some downloadable stuff on Xbox live and put Devil went down to Georgia in Quickplay instead of just the battle against Lou at the end..The Metal Verison of the song is awesome
10/30/07 7:25:51PM
sound like i may need to go get it
10/30/07 9:07:04PM
Played GH3 for the first time today at my friends house. I decided to start on hard and we breezed through the co-op career(with him on medium)and then decided to try Pro-Face Off on Through the Fire and Flames. Now, I've beaten all but 1 song in the entire Guitar Hero saga on expert(that one song being Jordan from GH2)and after TTFAF, I felt like a truck ran my hand over. I had a blast playing the final set of songs(especially One, and the solo which I happily refer to as "The Wall of Notes"). I can't wait till I get it for my birthday, and I finally have a new challenge to keep me occupied.
10/31/07 1:48:03AM
I dont know why all the songs arent unlocked for me..ive beaten the game what am i missing here??? i have the xbox 360 verison..Anyone know?
11/1/07 11:30:16AM
If you meen the bonus tracks you gotta buy em' at ''visit the store'' if not the bonus tracks tell me what songs your talking about...
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