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7/9/08 5:09:33AM
mark my words he's a born again bad ass
no one else in the lw division has his knockout power/ athleticism
his newfound focus on training and fight life in general will give him the boost he needs
he'll be a #1 contender by the end of '08 mark my words
7/9/08 5:11:39AM
If he's gonna be number 1 contender then he better get in the gym and get a ground game because he taps lightning fast when he gets caught in submissions
7/9/08 5:15:34AM
his submission defense has been horrible but i think if he lays off the coke and trains right he could (accent on could) be a force to be reckoned with
7/9/08 5:30:43AM
I've been sating this for Years but every time I get let down, he rises up then falls down, and until he shows me consistency then I have no reason to dub him a Future Contender. But Yes, his Power and Athleticism will guide him to something Big. His Power displayed against Rick Davis was Tremendous, he Knocked him out with 1 Hook. And the Body Punch against Gabe Rudiger was Awesome to watch. I think he will be Great some day but he needs to prove it in his next 2-3 Fights.
7/9/08 10:00:06AM
Can't believe I'm saying this but I was actually impressed with Melvin this past weekend. Not for the KO of Siver but for his actions in the octagon and what he said prior to and after the fight. He seems like he's really grown up since the coke incident. I hope he doesn't go back to the "old Melvin" once he stings together a few wins.
7/9/08 11:41:13AM
this idiot is so far from being no.1 contender. guillard is pretty much at the basement of the division. i don't see this guy beating any of the top talent in the lw division. he's fought 3 top guys in the lw divison and has been beatin easily in the first round in all three fights(clementi, stevenson, neer) most of the top lw's are ground guys too and ol' melvin is known not to have the greatest ground game in the world. guillard won't even get close to being in the top 10 in the ufc lw division by the end of 08.
7/9/08 11:41:53AM
Yes, he beats a not even top 50 lightweight and he is back and will be facing BJ Penn by 2009??? WTF I mean sure it was a good win, but it was a can.
7/9/08 12:13:52PM
i don't think so not even top 5
7/9/08 12:30:02PM
It seems like he has grown up alot, I think if you give hi another year or so hes gonna be a top lightweight.
7/9/08 1:23:12PM
i havent seen much evidence outside of an interview or two to show me that hes grown up at all, the clementi fight wasnt that long ago and he acted like a jackass afterwards. and ive seen even less evidence that he can defend a sub so i see no reason to believe that he is anywhere near a top contender at this point.........maybe if submissions get outlawed we can talk.
7/9/08 5:27:04PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i don't think so not even top 5

Not even top 10 man. Grow up guys, this guys has horrible submission defense and will get subbed by anyone with good jj in the division. He'll never be a top contender. Top coke snorter maybe, but.... He got a flash KO over a mediocre opponent. Kudos to him, but i wouldnt recommend you all jump on the bandwagon yet.
7/9/08 5:49:08PM
He has strong punches, "can" ko anyone (but how many can you say that about? tons of guys)

No ground skills. Complete jackass of a person. I know one guy who knows him and says that's how he's always been, and most likely always will be.

I don't see him EVER breaking into the top 10 (or doing any good against top 5) in the best most stacked (and most entertaining) division in the UFC.
7/9/08 6:19:20PM
I could see guillard made a slight attitude change after the stevenson fight I think if he fighta anyone other than clementi you would see a more respectful guillard. It's not really fair to call him a jackass before or after the fight because clementi was just as big an ass if not worse.

either way he did seem focused I know siver is a no one but guillard wasnt swinging uncontrolably and he stayed balanced which was his problem his last two fights he is still a very young guy with alot to learn and he will be in the top in a few yearsjust not right now
7/9/08 6:50:58PM
with the TS!!!

Guillard is a real beast at 155. If he hits you, your going down. HIs wrestling is always pretty good. Just that submission D has always been holding him back but I think he's improven since as you saw him get out of that armbar. It's still not high class submission defense but it will get their with time. Just keep giving him a little bit better fighters each time and by the time you want to give him a real contender, I think he will be ready!!

The main problem with Melvin is that he's a really exciting fighter who always delievers the excitement and highlight KO's. But the thing is that's his biggest downfall since that makes him much easier to market since everybody loves his type of fighter and then he believes his own hype, gets to cocky and gets fed to the wolves and gets beat. So hopefully the UFC can keep him under the rader for another fight or two against some decent wrestlers/JJ guys so then he can fight and hopefully beat a rising contender soon after.
7/9/08 11:31:04PM
7/9/08 11:34:39PM
As far as abilities go, I see him like Randleman. A guy with some power, but pretty much one dimensional. He will not be able to hang with the top of the LW division.
7/11/08 1:27:43PM
Unfortunately once he wins some fights and gets some money he can afford cocaine again and we'll be back to square one. Maybe that's why his UFC stint has been so up and down.
7/11/08 1:32:40PM
no way! he would never be able to match the intensity of a clay guida or a sherk. either one of them would wreck guillard, the biggest sore loser in the game.
7/11/08 1:35:09PM
grown up? that was only around a year ago.
7/12/08 12:12:41AM
The kid is young so he still has time but the dude is way too cocky for his own good. Any decent submission artist would probably submit him again. He always claimed that he is working on his ground game but I have yet to see any improvements.
7/12/08 3:11:25AM
Melvin Guillard is an incredible athlete.. he has what it takes to become champion, he needs to develop a ground game though and be comfortable there .. his stand up is on another level he is so quick and powerful..

He also makes fights exciting, he is definitely one of my favorite fighters and it all depends if he can get his head in gear and get on track .. if he can do that then we could possibly see him fighting for the title one day.. he needs to stay in the gym, stop doing blow, work seriously on his ground game, and change his attitude..

My 10 cents :D
7/12/08 8:52:36AM
not buying it just yet.
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