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1/9/08 7:47:01PM

dont know if this has been posted but man...i knew he had said he was gonna kick rich's ass next time he saw him but this is really getting crazy. its one thing to say something like that in the heat of the moment but to say it days later to an interviewer, and one from a regular publication for that matter, is just stupid...
1/9/08 7:56:38PM
Yeah he surely isn't a guy the UFC would want representing them.I guess getting subbed by a guy he really dislikes wasnt enough.Personally i could care less if he ever fights in the UFC again.I won't miss him.Although i did pick him against Clementi i dunno what i was thinking..I just have a hard time picking a guy with a nickname like "No Love".
1/9/08 8:43:34PM
And people say Kimbo's bad.At least he seems to have respect.
1/10/08 2:29:50AM
Some of the shit he says... it's like, are you serious man? yeah, Clementi was really jealous of you losing on TUF, even though he was on the show himself. It's really suprising that he said you wouldn't make it in the UFC, and that your just a young kid throwing his life away. Oh wait, it kinda seems like your on the way out of the UFC, and you tested positive for coke, and you lose fights because you can't seem to control your emotions. I guess I shouldn't judge someone I don't know personally, and where there life has taken them. So I'm sorry for these coments, but from the outside it just seems like some big time talent is about to be wasted on a very angry kid. Plus "no love" Clementi seems like a dick himself. I wouldn't mind seeing them fight again, but it just doesn't seem like Guillard getting tapped again will solve anything.
1/10/08 3:40:48PM
The Melvin Negro fund? He almost had to work a regular job to survive?

You've got to be kidding me.
1/10/08 3:43:51PM
if he finds him rich was beat him up again
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