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6/16/07 11:03:49PM
Wow was that decision for real, am I alone in that Guida got the shaft? I actually agreed with Eddie Bravo's score for the first time LOL.
6/17/07 9:26:37AM
I picked Guida accidentally, and actually thought I had picked Griffin, so I thought I had won when they gave it to Griffin. However, the decision was close, and probably Guida's, but that's judging for you.

ps Bravo is a freaking tool, he has no clue what he's talking about.
6/17/07 9:46:03AM
Tyson landed a knee and that upkick in the 3rd, but Clay still controlled him for most of the round so easily should of won it!!!!!!!!!!! I was robbed a perfect pick, a perfect event, $430 in wager wins, and lost $200 wrongly!!!!!!!!!!!
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