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7/3/08 11:09:21AM
I noticed they are fight eachother on 2 cards. 87 and UFN 15. just curious if its a typo or if they're gonna fight twice.
7/3/08 11:50:50AM
def doubt they fight twice yet i have no idea which one they will be fighting on
7/3/08 11:53:18AM
UFN 15. At least that's the plan right now.
7/3/08 11:57:13AM
they are fighting at UFN 15, im almost 100% sure (granted it hasnt been cofirmed by the UFC) because UFC 87 is basically set, there are 10 fights on there already, and the main card is already stablished, if Guida/Danzig were fighting on that card the UFC would have added that fight already.....
UFC 87 card from

i think it might be a simple mistake by the mods, and once UFC 87 is closer, they'll fix it.
7/3/08 12:52:12PM
I've notified the admin. I don't know how to (or if I can) make this change. It should be fixed shortly. The events are a ways off anyways.
7/3/08 2:48:29PM
Lol, its funny cause I was telling my friend about how 87's card was stacked and told him a little about each matchup. Once I got to Guida/Mac I said how amazed I was that this was the fourth fight as it could easily be a main event for the next Fight Night.

The next day they put it up that its FN 15 main event.
7/3/08 3:22:14PM
that sucks, wanted to see that shit so bad but I guess ill just have to wait. that card was ****** STACKED though.

haha ufc STACKED was a horrible card...
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