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12/11/09 2:33:45AM

Scott Casber (Takedown Wrestling Radio) – “I have never really been a fan of B.J. I respect him as a fighter but have to say that Diego is hungry and full of Stevia. I know that probably surprises some of you that I would pick a guy who cannot keep a cell phone longer than a couple days but that's Diego. Diego is a year older and very talented he needs to stay away from the ground to win this fight.”

Elvis Sinosic – “For once I'm going to keep this short. Diego's strength is his BJJ. He has improved stand up and aggressive takedowns. B.J.'s strength is his BJJ. B.J. has strong takedowns and defense. B.J. has very effective boxing. B.J.'s biggest weakness (in his WW fights) has been his cardio. B.J. has shown improved cardio at LW. Diego is known for having good cardio. I think B.J. has what it takes to beat Diego though Diego will prove a tough opponent. Diego's best chance is if he can draw the fight out to the Championship rounds. Saying that B.J. will win this match and I'm also expecting a fairly exciting match as well.”

UFC 107

12/11/09 9:10:54AM
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