I guess watching MMA does come in handy..

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3/11/11 11:13:43PM
Random guy at a fast food resturaunt starts getting upset because his order isn't coming fast enough, and starts to yell at random customers. Well, apparently one guy watches some UFC over the weekends and decides to test it out some techniques when the angry customer charges him.

Hamburger Josh
3/11/11 11:34:29PM
The Whataburger fight is a classic. I think it even made Middleeasy's top 10 street fights.
3/12/11 12:15:18AM
Cheeseburger Josh must be a Sherdogger

Imagine 'The Voice' doing color commentary on that one
3/12/11 1:02:54AM
This isn't even funny it's just stupid. Notice the idiot was wearing a tapout shirt. I couldn't even laugh at this, I don't understand some people now a days....
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