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7/1/08 4:04:25AM
I did, thats right i am awesome.

Heres the story,
I started training in judo a few months ago and today i decided to attend a judo class with my friend at a gym called knuckle up. Near the end of the workout a little guy walks in the gym with his shirt off. Everybody has there eyes on him, and because of this i ask who this little dude is. I am then informed that he is ranked #1 at 140 lbs in the world in bjj, and that he'll be teaching the bjj class after judo wraps up. I am then also informed that he is the guy who does most of the bjj teaching for cesar gracie's gym. Still kind of in awe of the fact i met the guy who is teaching Nate & nick diaz their shit i walk up to him and shake his hand.

Through his broken english he says to me,
"I see your judo guy. You know what the best kind of judo is?"
i say "what"
he says "Brazilian Judo".

I(Stupidly) tell him ive never heard of it, so he insists that he shows me. We clinch up, and then bam he pulls guard, throws his legs up to my right, switches to the left and triangles me, then he rolls me over and ends up sitting on my chest choking me out laughing & telling me how my Brazilian judo is terrible.
So yeah i grappled with the best bjj guy in the world at 140 and got destroyed and humiliated. Im awesome
7/1/08 9:17:57AM
Whats his name?
7/1/08 10:40:00AM
Don't let him off so easy next time pook
7/1/08 11:15:09AM
7/1/08 4:38:27PM

Posted by rabbit915

Whats his name?

oh haha, Caio Terra