I guess I was right!!!!!!

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8/26/07 12:57:21PM
I wrote this 4 days ago..... If you dont belive me look at the thread gonzaga vs. coutour......Randy in 3. TKO. GG is not in shape 4 randy. Randy will impose his will on him & ware him down. Not only ware him down but keep him down 4 the 3 rounds. It wont go 5. It is going 2 be a boring fight 4 GG. sorry.......Randy will mount GG in the 3rd & start pounding on him GG will be so spent that the REF will stop it......
8/26/07 1:09:57PM
but you didnt say anything about GG getting his nose broken which probly played a big part in this fight...
8/26/07 2:01:39PM

Exactly. Couture did win and he deserved it, yet the outcome could have been different minus the broken nose. I am not taking anything away from Couture, he won fair and square and the head butt was obviously unintentional. Yet, who knows how the fight could have ended if the broken nose never occurred. Couture could have gone on to easily win by decision or Gonzaga could have won by TKO. The point is he won, but I will always wonder what could have happened minus the bloody broken nose...Anyways, Couture is the man and I wish him the best. It was hard picking against him and I payed for it.
8/26/07 3:55:55PM
It would have been a much closer fight if gonzaga didnt have that broken nose. Im so disapointed. Because gonzaga may not have been you know the best condition like randy, but could have went all 5 five rounds. But that broken nose, couldnt see or see apparently. Well guess anything can happen.
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