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5/13/08 3:28:27PM
... with some fat posts for yo muthaf***ing thread.

(wow, I always wanted to quote that and now that I did it looks stupid)

Anyways, just letting my friends and aquaintances on the playground that I am back after a brief sabbatical.

I have been going through a family tragedy, and have missed alot of MMA lately.
If anyone could link me the DREAM 2 and DREAM 3 cards as well as Savant vs. Lion I'd be super grateful.

WAR Playground... trolls beware!
5/13/08 3:44:11PM
welcome back
5/13/08 4:02:59PM
Welcome back... Sorry to hear about the family tragedy.. Hope all works itself out...

there are a good number of the dream fights posted in the videos section of this site... Hope that helps
5/13/08 4:36:55PM
Welcome back Soldier

nways here is Lion Vs Savant LINK

and as mentioned Before most of the fights from DREAM are posted on the video section.
5/13/08 5:08:04PM
Yeah, welcome back!!! Sorry to hear about your loss though, hope things are getting better now!
5/13/08 6:54:30PM
Welcome back man! The place hasn't been the same without you!
5/14/08 2:01:56AM
I was wondering where our resident troll hunter had gotten off to

Sorry to hear about the circumstances, but very happy to have you back. BTW, I caught the posts earlier today calling out the trolls. Nicely done.
5/14/08 9:00:58AM
Welcome back. Sorry for your loss. Keep your hands high and your chin down.
5/14/08 9:39:45AM
Welcome back. Try the crab cakes. They're dee-lish!
5/15/08 9:04:09AM
Welcome back!!
5/15/08 6:44:26PM
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