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12/17/08 1:15:12PM
Anyone got any news on what you can do in the game and the story line
12/17/08 10:06:58PM
from wiki
it looks good

The official logo for the first episode.Rockstar Games is releasing exclusive episodic content for the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV. The first episode, titled The Lost and Damned, will be released on Xbox Live on 17 February 2009. The episode will feature a new central character, Johnny Klebitz, who is a member of Liberty City's biker gang The Lost, a gang which is featured in several GTA IV missions. Dan Houser, vice president of creative development at Rockstar Games, claims the episode will show "a different side of Liberty City".[19] Details of pricing have not yet been revealed, though it would almost certainly not be released for free, as Take-Two Interactive's former CEO, Paul Eibeler, has said numerous times that these downloads would provide "additional revenue streams" to the company,[74] but Microsoft has said that it will be up to Rockstar on whether or not they will charge for it.[75] Jeronimo Barrera, Vice President of Product Development for Rockstar Games, has said that the episodes are an experiment because they are not sure that there are enough users with access to online content on the Xbox 360.[76] Take-Two Interactive's Chief Financial Officer, Lainie Goldstein revealed that Microsoft was paying a total of $50 million for the first two episodes.[77]

The content was first announced during Microsoft's 2006 E3 press conference on 9 May 2006.[78] Peter Moore, the then head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division described downloadable content as "epic episode packs", and not just an extra car or character. A press release during the conference said that the packs would add "hours of entirely new gameplay" to the game.[79] On 20 February 2008, it was initially announced that the extra content would be introduced starting August 2008.[80] As part of its second quarter financial reports Take-Two announced that the downloadable content had been delayed and would be released during the first quarter of its 2009 financial year (November 2008–January 2009).[81] On 13 November 2008, Take-Two executive chairman Strauss Zelnick said that while they are aiming to release the first episode pack by January 2009, it may change to the second financial quarter of 2009 (February-April) depending on the completion date.[18][82]

12/18/08 12:24:40PM
Looks pretty sick, makes me mad that I don't have a 360 lol

Lost and the Damned Trailer
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