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5/7/10 3:34:38PM
It will be a welterweight showdown during the 12th season of the "Ultimate Fighter" as champion Georges St. Pierre will take the reigns as coach for the first time ever and he will compete against the winner of Saturday night's fight between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley.

The announcement was made on Friday by UFC president Dana White.

For all of the history of the "Ultimate Fighter" reality show it seems that UFC welterweight champion and arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world Georges St. Pierre would have been a coach previously, but it never happened until now.

The popular Canadian fighter will head out to Las Vegas in the next few weeks to begin coaching the next cast of UFC hopefuls. Assured to be by St. Pierre's side are his head coach from Montreal, Firas Zahabi, and strength and conditioning coach Jonathan Chaimburg.

The other coaching vacancy will be filled on Saturday night when Josh Koscheck battles Paul Daley, and the win will not only mean a job coaching on the "Ultimate Fighter" but a shot at St. Pierre's title when the season is over.

Josh Koscheck, a participant in the historical first season of the "Ultimate Fighter", commented to about the coaching position should he be offered the job.

"It definitely would be fun. I think it would be a great opportunity, and I would definitely take the UFC up on it," said Koscheck.

His opponent, British slugger Paul Daley, also said he'd welcome the chance to coach on the show, although both fighters stated emphatically that their first job is to win on Saturday night.

"If I get the opportunity, it's a great opportunity that I'd have to accept," said Daley. "I'd enjoy it, great exposure, and a chance to get my face out there a bit more."

5/7/10 4:22:56PM
Well Im picking Kos to win but I wont mind seeing daley win because I would rather see him as a TUF coach than Kos.

5/7/10 4:28:06PM
Should be a pretty solid season, no matter who wins tomorrow (Kos has my bet). At the same time I can't see either of those dudes being able to hang with GSP.
5/7/10 6:19:50PM
i still think gsp and shields but i think kos would be a better coach
they ought too do a usa vs canada tuf
5/7/10 11:42:58PM
Daley doesnt seem to me to have the cred needed to coach tuf, being that his ground game is zero. I could see the playground style picks now, guys hiding behind other guys when its Daleys pick cause they want to be on GSPs team.
They could likely find better coaches to take on GSP, tho it will likely be Kos and maybe that will be the kind of ego that will at least make for a warm fuzzy feeling when he gets destroyed by GSP.......
5/8/10 6:00:04AM
i think kos has earned his shot. daley not so much. hazellette and kampman is not really title ready. even though kos hasnt faced the best competiton he has absolutely dominated them. but daley did the same. i think paulo thiago is really a top shot. hes the one im watching.
5/8/10 7:18:13AM
Was GSP not a coach against Matt Hughes before, why are they saying "Georges St. Pierre will take the reigns as coach for the first time ever " Or is my memory failing me?
5/8/10 10:41:34AM
Usually it sucks when they make a champ a coach of a TUF season but I guess since he's already beat pretty much everyone at least once I guess I can let this one slide
5/8/10 11:45:06AM
I'm glad this happened cause I couldn't decide who I wanted to win the Kos-Daley fight. This helps me make up my mind, and hope Kos wins because I do not think I could stomach an entire season of listening to Daley. Granted Koscheck may run his mouth too, I find his trash talk more thought out and articulate, plus as a more well-rounded fighter I believe he will be a much better coach.
5/8/10 12:28:02PM
Nope GSP never coached- it was hughes vs franklin - hughes vs serra

I dont think Kos will be a good coasch- Mainly because he was such a bad student - or maybe better said he was a bit of a douche in the house with southworth...

I hope he is mature enough to help these guys progress. If he wins and i hope he does.
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