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7/16/09 12:59:32AM
GSP and Thiago Alves share a few drinks on Sunday

Georges St. Pierre blogs about his weekend, and includes a hilarious story involving he and Thiago Alves getting drunk together at the Hard Rock, just 12 hours a brutal five round fight. Check it out!
7/16/09 1:31:34AM
That's great. Gsp has always been a class act and to hear Thiago is the same way has increased my respect towards him even more.
7/16/09 1:48:35AM
I bet they chatted about the economy, then the Iran situation.
7/16/09 2:18:00AM
Can GSP be any better for this sport?? Not only is he one of the top P4P fighters in the world and he is probably the classiest as well. He is a great ambassador for the sport of MMA, he has been one of many fighters helping to legalize MMA around the Country, he is great with his fans, has much respect for his fellow fighters and ALWAYS shows up on top of his game and puts on a tremendous fight. With all that he is cool enough to party with his opponent the next day. It's also, great to hear that Alves is the same way, these guys will push MMA into the hearts of people that still feel MMA is barbaric and show them there is far more to these fighters and mma then just human **** fighting
7/16/09 5:03:09AM

you said ****
7/16/09 11:34:33AM
CagePotato has a funny summary of GSP's blog and about how Jon Fitch and Shonie Carter also stopped by and hung out with GSP. They guy is just so laid back and cool about it all - you can't help but love a champ like that.

Naturally it makes me think of Lesnar and what an ass he made of himself. In the long run, who is worth more money to the UFC? I think the answer is clear.
7/16/09 9:29:25PM

Posted by Drudinh

you said ****

What's so funny about ****.

Oh, you mean cock?
7/17/09 10:35:57AM
it's good to see good sportmanship among fighters
unlike mir and brock or hendo and bisping
but they can just hang out pound a couple back, maybe even meet a girl and run a train on her backside!!
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