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5/21/08 7:58:19PM
Anyone think GSP would move up to fight Anderson Silva? I think GSP would be up to the challenge.
5/21/08 8:02:32PM
Welcome to the playground. just wanted to say it before you get blasted with hate posts because this has been covered so many times. best thing to do is search a post first. i dont care if its posted a million times because i choose to ignore it but some people cant seem to help but hate on someone and their posts.
5/21/08 8:07:00PM
5/21/08 9:59:40PM
ya but he might be a differant fighter with the extra pounds on him.
5/21/08 10:08:24PM
Even though it has been discussed so many times....... Anderson by anything he wants. GSP=about as big as you can get for WW < Anderson=about as big as you can be at MW (though he is lean) Besides even if GSP takes him down Anderson can Sub him, get back to his feet... i just don't see GSP winning this fight.
5/21/08 11:44:03PM
i think anderson would desimate gsp with some crazy spider puches.
5/22/08 3:31:36AM
I think GSP is talented, and experienced enough to make it a war.
5/22/08 6:57:52PM
While I think that moderators have to ban everyone who post a topic with that name from now on.
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