What are GSP's and Shields's Gameplans going to be?

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3/23/11 8:12:53AM
So for UFC 129 GSP is fighting a very well rounded fighter, good in every aspect of the game. So whats GSP's gameplan going to be? It's not gunna be as easy to take him down and GnP for 5 rounds as Shields is an amazing from the bottom.

Round 1: IMO GSP is going to work a lot in the clinch and try to get some strikes in the clinch, then back away Strike a little few jabs then round is over.

Round 2: The same thing as round 1.

Round 3: He might go for like one Takedown but he is mostly going to strike.

Round 4: GSP will take Shields down because he will most likely be tired GnP him, maybe go for a sub.

Round 5: GSP will strike the first 2mins then take take Shields dwon and finish the fight via GnP or be close to finishing it.

Jake Shields's Gameplan.

Round 1: Shields will strike a little maybe hit him with a good shot.

Round 2: Shields will clinch take GSP down, not much action will happen, round over.

Round 3: Shields will again take GSP down again GnP a little then finish the fight with an armbar.

Again these are my opinions on what there gameplan's will be, in no way am i saying that this will happen and i am right just my opinion.

Anyway what are your guys opinion on the fight and what do you think there gameplans will be. idk who i want to win i really like them both.

3/23/11 9:04:37AM
I think we see GSP school him on the feet. Jake's stand up is well lacking.
3/23/11 11:04:28AM

Posted by postman

I think we see GSP school him on the feet. Jake's stand up is well lacking.

Oh, the reason i said Jake might hit him wwith a good puc=nch is because i remember GSP saying he is really good in muay thai and has Ko power lol.
3/23/11 11:27:36AM
GSP stand and trade, eventually I believe he'll finish it, Jake Shields take him down, on his back, on top, anywhere keep GSP on the mat at all costs

MMA Rock Paper Scissors, in my head has this down as a Submissionist Vs a striker, not a wrestler. Striker vs Submissionist. GSP has 25 minutes, I believe he'll dispose of him in that time frame

Unless Shields can do what Wedrum did and take a shot GSP feels is big, Shields slips and falls and make GSP "Rush" in (scuse the pun) then GSP will take this.

If Koscheck couldnt take him down or beat him striking no striker than beat him.
Wrestler with striking
If Shields can't take him down or submit him, no submissionist will beat him.
Submissionist with wrestling
and if Fitch can't out wrestle him in a re-match, no wrestler will beat him.
Pure wrestler.

I believe the only men who deserve the shot against GSP are Fitch and Penn
GSP's has more challenges at MW, but i doubt he will ever go up.
3/23/11 2:30:43PM
Gsp keeps it standing. I think Shields will gas in this fight because GSP keeps a pace for a full five rounds that Henderson or even Kampmann couldnt keep for 3 and Shields was tired then. Gsp beats him up on the feet while nullifying the wrestling and Jits of Shileds on his way to a 4th Rnd TKO.
3/23/11 6:22:24PM
Jake will either go for the 1 hit wonder, or the submission. I gotta take GSP though.
3/28/11 11:30:32AM
I see this fight playing out exactly like the Kos fight. GSP will out punch Shields. I do see Shields taking GSP down but, I don't see him doing any damage there. GSP by UD.
3/28/11 5:05:35PM
GSP has said on many occasions that he does not want a fight to go to a decision. No fighter obviously intends on not finishing a fight but I think after not being able to finish Koscheck or Hardy, GSP will really work to get a submission. 3rd Rd armbar is my call.
3/28/11 7:09:35PM
What does Shields do when he can't take his opponent down? He's not sure either.... St. Pierre is gonna stuff and shake off every take down attempt with relative ease IMO..... Shields is gonna take an A$$load of shots in this one.
3/30/11 12:46:53AM
Shields only shot, realistically, is on the ground. So initially, I assumed GSP would do the same as he did to Kos and just box him. I still think that is the plan, then maybe takedowns and gnp late in the fight for some extra points.

But I don't think Shields will play the boxing game. I think he will for maybe half a round to feel him out, but then I think Shields will stay on him. I could see the majority of this fight taking place against the cage with Shields trying to drag GSP down.

Of course, if it does go to the ground, I think it depends on who is on top. Shields is sick from the bottom. Has some of the best sweeps. But GSP is just as sick on top and has great control. I think its a stalemate in that situation. But if Shields gets on top, I think GSP could be in trouble. But this is really the only way I see Shields having a realistic shot.

One thing I'm pretty sure won't happen is Shields getting subbed.

I also don't think conditioning should be an issue for Shields this time around. He should be where he needs to be weight wise and shouldn't need to cut 20 pounds on the last day.

All things considered, i think GSP by decision is a pretty safe bet. The only way I don't think it goes to a decision is if Shields subs GSP, or if the fight gets stopped because Shields face is all beat to hell.
3/30/11 10:08:07AM
Lets be honest GSP has prolly the best jab in MMA...If thats what Freddie Roach says I gotta believe him...Long reach with that jab..

From the opening bell if I were Shields I would get as close to GSP as I can...Get the clinch and then its anyones game...

Like Scamrock said I predict whoever ends up on top when they get to the ground will have clear advantage...I actually think Shields is better on the ground...I would take shields BJJ over GSP and I think wrestling cancels each other out...I do think Shields could sweep GSP before GSP could sweep Shields...Being a betting guy for real money I have to go with Shields because of the payoff and I really dont consider this such a one sided fight....

Conditioning for Shields I believe will be the biggest factor in this fight...If Shields is on top 2 outta the first 3 rounds and controlling I see shields coming out on top...

Cant wait for this fight!!!
3/30/11 1:20:33PM
GSP will want to keep it standing and score a few takedowns every round and do some ground and pound in the full guard. I have a feeling he will want to keep it safe there.

Shields: he will want to test his stand up, but when he realize's he is nowhere near GSP's level he will want to take it to the ground.

I see Shields getting beat on the stand up, getting a few takedowns and a few submission attempts.

I see GSP scoring on the stand up and takedowns. GSP by UD. However, I am not giving Shields enough credit. He does possess the skill to beat GSP so I wouldn't count him out entirley.

3/30/11 1:28:28PM
Niether of these fighters switch up their gameplans.

GSP strikes with wrestlers, wrestles with strikers.
Shields always wrestles.

Shields gameplan is get the takedown: Pierre's gameplan is dont get taken down.
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