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7/31/08 1:01:49PM
Not just who wins ....but how?

i think if fitch beats gsp it has to be landing a nice punch or kick, or a decision.
Gsp's ground was always on point, and him spending a few weeks in brazil to work bjj BEFORE he even started his camp for fitch, makes me think he isnt getting subbed.

i think Gsp has all sorts of outs. It would be hard, but i think he could submit him. I feel like he could land a kick like in the 2nd hughes fight, or just control him, stuff takedowns, and push the pace for a decision, or get a tko.

If it goes 5 rounds i think it goes to gsp. Even though i think its one of fitch's only ways to win. If it comes down to it i think george will take it. Every decsion ive seen Gsp go to, was a decisive one, except for the bj fight. Ive never seen him get too tired, so i doubt he'll gas, and after the forrest/page fight, Fitch would have to BEAT gsp BAD, i doubt the judges would give the belt away after another close decsion

Im going to say Gsp stuffs takedowns (like he has made his career doing against wrestlers) and frustrates fitch, who then gets tko'd in the 3rd.
7/31/08 1:18:31PM
GSP tko or submission set up by rocking fitch with his striking. 2rd or 3rd round.
7/31/08 1:22:43PM
Unanimous/majority decision. I just don't see this fight ending early, they're both too good.
7/31/08 1:32:00PM
GSp by TKO at the middle of the second round, but I could also see GSp catching Fitch in an armbar in the 3rd.
7/31/08 1:42:23PM
I see it ending kinda like GSP / Hughes I did only the other way around... Fitch will do relatively well, but get sneaky subbed in the final seconds of the 1st
7/31/08 2:14:45PM
Gsp is gunna completely dominate jon fitch.........jon fitch has never fought ne one like gsp b4 ever!!!!!!this is a huge step up in competition for him!!!!!!

gsp / 2nd rd / submission

im kinda thinkin somethin along the lines of what gsp did to frank trigg except fitch will last a bit longer!!!
7/31/08 3:36:59PM
Fitch Rd1 KO...
7/31/08 3:45:29PM
A decision. Really cant see either of these guys putting the other away.
7/31/08 4:00:49PM
GSP isn't koing Fitch before the 3ed. If Fitch pulls it off it'll be a mid fight sub. GSP will win by decision.
7/31/08 4:34:35PM
Submission early, or Late KO
7/31/08 4:40:55PM
GSP TKO in the 2nd round.
7/31/08 6:03:45PM
I don't think this one will go to a decision. GSP 2nd round tko.
7/31/08 9:32:07PM
gsp wins via bloody tko mid third
7/31/08 9:41:19PM
Fitch as the new champion.That's how it ends.
7/31/08 9:52:51PM
i think it can go either way to be honest. i hope fitch wins though
7/31/08 10:27:50PM
I think GSP is going to stop Fitch vio TKO/KO early into the third round. He is going to stuff takedowns and maybe take Fitch down a couple times for a little GnP, I only say this because GSP truly likes to dominate a fighter and that means sometimes by beating them at their own supposed strengths. But after he gets comfortable, i.e. beginning of third round, he will unload a combo that will stagger Fitch and then go in for the kill. After rewatching the Chris Wilson vs Fitch match it exposed some holes in Fitch's standup game. Not taking anything away from Chris Wilson's striking but is not anywhere near the same level as GPS's. But this is why I love this fight...because they are both so well-rounded that it could take place in any facet and still be exciting. I am really pumped to watch their transitions from striking, to wrestling, to jits. Both represent the prototype MMA fighter, excellent athlete, quick to learn, and gifted in all areas of combat; however, I just think GSP is much further along in his training.
8/1/08 12:40:59AM
tko in the third gsp
8/1/08 3:54:09AM

Posted by jgtribbett

tko in the third gsp

i agree
8/1/08 9:08:28AM

Posted by 40ouncetofreedom

Fitch Rd1 KO...

8/1/08 10:53:18AM
I am more interested in seeing this stand up then on the ground. If it goes to the ground, I see it the same way as GSP/Kos. Utter domination for GSP
8/1/08 10:57:26AM
I think Pitbull is right. Don't expect Fitch's strength to be his strength against GSP... because GSP is better at everything than Fitch. I can't see five rounds going by without GSP pounding out or catching Fitch in a submission. I've got R2 KO/TKO.
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