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7/9/08 7:46:56PM
UFC 87
Aug 9th

i got GSP

loser wears winner's av of choice til September 5th, the day before UFC 88

any takers?
7/9/08 7:56:07PM
im thinkinking gsp will win but im down.
cuse i got one for you if your down
7/9/08 8:11:07PM
oh im def down

its a deal
7/9/08 10:23:00PM
are you willing to let me in on this av bet? how confident are you in fitch? double whammy av bet? i did that to silverbullet and donniedarko in the machida / ortiz fight and if they won i had to have an av bet from each for a month
7/10/08 12:08:52PM
nope sorry
7/10/08 12:54:53PM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

nope sorry

actually i meant the other guy, but good luck anyway
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