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POLL: GSP vs. Fitch
GSP TKO 53% (16)
Fitch TKO 7% (2)
GSP SUB 20% (6)
Fitch SUB 3% (1)
GSP Decision 7% (2)
Fitch Decision 10% (3)
5/23/08 4:58:58PM
I cant wait for this fight, its gunna be a good fight, but I think that GSP is gunna walk all over Fitch, I think that Fitch is a clone of GSP but will never be as good as GSP. Who do you think wins?
5/23/08 5:16:34PM
Fitch is a good wrestler but I see GSP outwrestling him and possibly TKOing him in the 3ed or 4th
5/23/08 5:45:21PM
Once again, everything St. Pierre's opponent is good at, He is better. GSP is a better wrestler, and striker, has better take down defense, and is physicly stronger. And I say this with all due respect to Fitch, because I think he is one of the most talented fighters in the UFC. The problem for him is that St. Pierre is simply a beast. If he comes in with the right frame of mind (he should know how to do that by now) then I think he beats him decisively. I think Fitch will get more offense then Serra or Hughes did, but I don't ever see GSP being in any true danger through out the fight. I think it may play out alot like GSP Vs Koscheck.
5/23/08 6:08:11PM
Based on Kos VS GSP there is no chance of fitch out wrestling him- Koscheck has a way better performance then hughes or Serra
You have to let someone fight gsp -

Fitch its your turn to get dominated.
5/23/08 6:23:14PM
GSP is almost as good of a wrestler as Fitch but GSP is also lightyears ahead of Fitch in Judo. GSP has shown a lot of Judo throws and sweeps. So when GSP cant outwrestle Fitch he can fall on his Judo to end up on top. But i dont think either can finish each other. So i think its going to be GSP on top of Fitch elbowing and pounding him for five rounds straight; ala Sherk vs Florian.....
5/23/08 7:05:03PM
I think that GSP is a much better fighter all around than Fitch. I think we will see the true gap in talent when they fight. I don't think Fitch will get out of the 2nd round.
5/23/08 7:50:48PM
Gsp sub 2nd rnd via armbar or kimura
5/26/08 5:08:34PM
I guess i'm the only one that thinks this but: Fitch by unanimous decision
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