Who would you rather see GSP fight?

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POLL: GSP vs. ??
Anderson Silva 49% (20)
BJ Penn 51% (21)
7/10/08 1:05:08PM
Who would you rather see GSP fight, if he beats Jon Fitch?
7/10/08 1:09:21PM
7/10/08 1:12:58PM
i'de love to see Georges fight Anderson. i think that Bj would be a tough fight for him but im pretty positive he would take Bj out. Anderson is widely considered the best P4P in the world but i think that name should go to GSP and I think Georges style matches up perfectly with Silvas. and i see George Submitting him in late rds (the reason that we are having a hard time seeing A.Silva lose is because it well.... it doesnt happen often)
7/10/08 1:40:26PM
Cant decide. I want to say anderson because i think if anyone has a shot it would be Gsp but Penn-Gsp 2 would be sweet. Cant go wrong with either matchup. These are the P4P top three in the world IMO
7/10/08 2:02:36PM
Anderson Silva
I thing GSP would tear up Anderson...
7/10/08 2:41:02PM
Penn, because I don't see GSP having a chance against Anderson.
7/10/08 3:58:27PM
I'd Rather see him fight Anderson because he has already fought BJ. I'd Still love to see him fight BJ again, and it's the more likely fight to actually happen, but GSP/Silva is a bit more intreaging to me. I think GSP is strong enough to take Silva down somewhat consistently, and could hold his own standing up. He has the right combination of speed and strength (and freekish athleticism) to give Anderson problems wherever the fight goes. Obviously Silva would be the favorite in this fight, and for good reason, but I think GSP has the tools to pull off the upset.
7/10/08 4:08:57PM
The winner of the Alves/Sanchez fight or BJ Penn @ 170.
Being able to clean out the division and actually cleaning out the division are 2 different things.
7/10/08 4:54:13PM
Being that I already have seen GSP fight BJ I would much rather prefer to see him fight Anderson. I think it would be a great fight and I wouldn't write GSP off so easily against him.
7/10/08 5:35:19PM
i wanna see both, but BJ more
prolly bc they r 2 of my fav fighters though
7/10/08 5:43:13PM
bj because their first fight was so close that nothing was solved, similar to rampage vs. forrest
7/10/08 6:16:03PM
Thiago Alves will be champ
7/10/08 6:19:19PM
B.J. I mean, a fight with Anderson would be fun, but i think itd be like the hendo fight, one competitive round, then Anderson gets into his rhythm and starts turning the screw and gsp goes nighty night.

I think GSP vs B.J would be competitive as hell though, it would most likely be one the the hardest picks i think i would have to make. Id be very surprised if it wasn't the hot bout of the night should it ever happen.
7/10/08 6:25:01PM
BJ because it would be more of an even fight. Anderson would rape and murder him in the first round.
7/10/08 7:31:58PM
BJ all day I still think BJ beat the hell out of GSP those damn takedowns won it for GSP didn't BJ say somthin like look at his face and look at mine and you tell me who won that fight. anyway after BJ beats the 170 lbs champ I would rather see BJ vs Silva
7/10/08 7:38:34PM

Posted by candynuts

The winner of the Alves/Sanchez fight or BJ Penn @ 170.
Being able to clean out the division and actually cleaning out the division are 2 different things.

REMEMBER GSP HAS ___ 0 (zero) ___ belt defenses in a well populated division, please don't come again with the A. Silva nonsense.
7/10/08 11:50:17PM
beetween your two choices:B.J
my pick:Thiago Alves
7/11/08 2:01:22AM
If he will get both fights, BJ Penn because if he fights BJ first, the Anderson fight can be hyped up 1000 times more. This is because he will possibly be undefeated. If he fights Anderson first, hell be going into the fight with BJ coming off a lose.

But if he will only get one fight, then Silva for sure. #1 and #2 P4P fighters in the UFC going at it.
7/11/08 3:30:47AM
These are two of my favorite fighter.s Very high ranked where I place my favorite mma hereos. But if your a fan of GSP you have to realize this is the worst matchup for him. It would be like the Franklin battles. GSP cannot strike with Anderson, and no way is he getting close to getting a takedown, which even if he did, it wont do that amount of points where it would win him the match. Great chance of it staying on their feet, and the remarkable Anderson Silva will knock him out in one of many ways he chooses.
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