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POLL: Who would you rather see GSP fight next?
Nick Diaz 69% (25)
Anderson Silva 31% (11)
5/1/11 2:04:03PM
After UFC 129 I heard that Lorenzo was asking fans what they would rather see, GSP vs Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz?
5/1/11 2:32:00PM
Anderson because I think that fight would have a better chance to have a finish.
5/1/11 2:44:18PM
If GSP took shots from Jake like that which hurt his eye he doesnt want to fight Silva...Could get KTFO...I doubt he wants to move up anymore after last night...
5/1/11 2:55:54PM
Anderson was mentioned long before Diaz.
5/1/11 3:07:51PM

Posted by otacon279

Anderson was mentioned long before Diaz.

True but now the UFC has Diaz and they are in the same weight class both hold belts and point blank GSP should fight him and beat him before moving on. I just dont know that they can get around the showtime part of the deal so it may be a dead issue.
5/1/11 4:29:20PM
I could care less about St. Pierre vs. Diaz, honestly. GSP would just tool him with his wrestling like Koscheck, Sherk, and Sanchez did to Diaz. Don't get me wrong, Diaz has improved incredibly since then, but not enough to defend against GSP.

Anderson Silva, on the other hand, I am very interested in. Chael Sonnen proved what an elite wrestler can do against Silva, and with a decent amount of submission defense, may be able to dethrone him. St. Pierre has everything needed to beat Silva in the wrestling aspect, except maybe size. But, would GSP be able to last on the feet? Who knows. Anderson Silva is phenomenal with his striking, and could possibly knock St. Pierre out. It would be a chess match for the ages, and one I'd be really excited for just as a overall MMA fan.
5/1/11 4:35:18PM
Nick Diaz will have no chance against St. Pierre.
5/1/11 5:26:39PM
I would like to see St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz.

I would like to see St. Pierre vs A. Silva as well.

BUT... Diaz is a WW like GSP. Silva is a MW unlike GSP.

AND... GSP does not seem keen to fight Silva.

ALSO... I believe the UFC owes Okami a fight with Silva (which Silva may or may not win).
5/1/11 5:28:43PM
I rather see GSP vs A-Silva.

Because I'm sure GSP vs Diaz, we will GSP's wrestling for 5 rounds again.
5/1/11 6:06:56PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I rather see GSP vs A-Silva.

Because I'm sure GSP vs Diaz, we will GSP's wrestling for 5 rounds again.

What do you anticipate happening in a GSP vs Silva fight that would be preferable (in your opinion) to GSP's wrestling for five rounds?
5/1/11 7:08:39PM
I just want to see gsp in a different weight class all toghether. All your gonna see is Fitch, Penn, Kos, and Sheilds take turns getting the crap kicked out of them. Nick cant compete against elite guys with real ground game like that. Its sad to see that GSP doesnt really want to challenge himself and go up in weight... that is the way it appears anyhow.
5/1/11 11:20:23PM
Ohh please if there is an MMA god...........let Joe Silva feed Nick Diaz to GSP for 5 rounds!! I have been waiting for a long time to see him eat it hard and GSP it the man tio do it!
5/2/11 3:13:14PM
I really don't think GSP wants to move up and I hope he's not forced to. But if he doesn't move up. I would think a fight with Diaz makes the most sence. After that if Rumble can win another fight or two mabe he would be in line. After that mabe Condit. Only problem i don't see anyone of these guys getting it done and after that i'm out of names in the WW div. Other then him just rolling over the same guys all over again and i'm sure no one wants to see that.
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