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3/16/13 12:01:02PM
Language is NSFW

3/16/13 1:00:30PM

Posted by grappler0000

Language is NSFW


He's probably like a fuckin' turtle off his back, lol
3/16/13 1:47:59PM
"Shots are going off all around me at school. My bookbag is all shot up. Got bullet holes in my books. I can't use that shit. That shit isn't no good for school now. I can't use those books now. How am I supposed to use those books?!"

3/16/13 1:58:48PM
DIAZ: "I'm pretty sure he couldn't tap out a paraplegic"

INTERVIEWER: "I think they don't have any feeling in their arms, so it might be tough for them to notice that".

DIAZ: "You're thinkin of a quadriplegic dude, they can move around and shit and tap out if they need to"

INTERVIEWER: "That's a fair point"

DIAZ: "You don't even have your facts straight, you're comin at me with your questions and you don't even know your different f***in plegics and sh**."

I lol'd.
3/16/13 2:07:36PM
top 3 interviews of all time. the dialog about nick going to school and GSP emptying the trash was goddamn hilarious. hopefully there's no banana peels or dirty trash water in the octagon tonight.
3/16/13 4:41:54PM
Nick had a bookbag as a kid - - I didn't think they sold those in Stockton.
3/18/13 2:18:50PM
This is hilarious. I love Nick explaining to the media how to tap out a paraplegic.
3/18/13 3:37:20PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Nick had a bookbag as a kid - - I didn't think they sold those in Stockton.

i'm finding it hard to believe he even went to school
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