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11/18/08 1:37:49AM
I saw the commercial a couple of times today so I figured I'd let people know about it. Tommorow at two GSP, BJ and Dana will be in the score studio talking with Sid Seixeiro.

Sadly, The Scores website may be their weak point asthey have no news of it posted on there, but I assure you this is going down. I would normally be watching the Score right now so I could quote that shit but WWF is on and I can't tolerate that bologne so you'll have to take my word on it. Tommorow 2pm ET. The Score.

Cheers, Nast
11/18/08 2:46:43PM
Both Bj and Georges St Pierre were in Toronto at the Bruins/Leafs game.
They talked to both Bj and Georges throughout the game.
11/18/08 11:29:21PM
anyoen got link to the interview i could only watch the part with dana and sid while on a break from work .
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