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2/5/09 12:47:38AM

link to full interview , go to 95 minute mark

says he will rematch in a rash guard , gsp by murder!!
2/5/09 1:16:20AM
A rematch is pointless because:
A) He will destroy Penn again
B) No matter how many times BJ gets beat by St. Pierre, he will never stop complaining
2/5/09 1:23:59AM
GSP is getting really pissed man.

I watched a good youtube video of in between rounds of a couple of GSP fights and he gets the same thing done almost evrytime. Nurse is just trying to calm his breathing but he shouldn't be doing the vaseline first I guess. This is really obscuring the fact we just witnessed two amazing fighters going at it and one thoroughly dominating. Penn has a reason to be upset and it does seem he just wants the rule properly enforced not trying to steal a NC.
2/5/09 1:26:47AM
Not a match i would be interested in seeing.

GSP will win this fight everytime and hurts me to see BJ takes such punishment
2/5/09 1:45:13AM
wouldnt it be sick to see them actually fight with rash guards. its not so far fetched if ya ask me. a lot of japanese orgs allow fighters to even wear full gi's i think they should alow this just once. both guys go out in rash guards. itll shut some people up
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