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4/23/08 9:12:18PM
So, the poll on Sherdog has 65% of voters favoring a GSP vs. Anderson match if two UFC champs faced off, while Rampage vs. Anderson garners just 19% (GSP/Penn gets 12% and Nog/Jackson the final 4%).

This poll is for the "most intriguing matchup (among UFC title holders)"

While I realize that GSP is the most popular UFC champ, and the most recent one in our minds to take a win; Is the most intriguing matchup really one where a guy who's had his belt for a few days that he had to recapture after losing to a veteran on his last leg in the UFC?

Shouldn't we be looking at the most dominant champ to move up instead? Why is Anderson vs. Rampage not the most intriguing matchup?

I'm 99.99% confident it is simply a popularity preference why GSP/Anderson is rated more intriguing, but if anyone can give me any insight aside from popularity that that fight would be more intriguing than Anderson/Rampage, please do.

I just don't see it with GSP's current lack of dominance.

And for the record, I am a bigger GSP fan than Anderson or Rampage.
4/23/08 9:19:37PM
well its clear A. Silva is the best pound for pound and a lot of people think GSP is a very close 2nd so IMO i would rather see the top 2 pound for pound fighters fight
4/23/08 9:53:05PM
i voted for bj penn have a rematch against GSP, just because its so damn compelling
4/23/08 10:03:21PM
I think if Rampage had finished Hendo, the voting may be a little different. Not to take anything away from Rampage, as Hendo is a game opponent, but Silva and GSP look unstoppable...I know GSP's last loss wasn't that long ago, but aside from having a bad day, he is able to plow through top competition and makes them look like chumps in the process. And Silva has ran through everyone put in front of him to this point. On a good day, neither of them appear to have any weaknesses...and I believe people want to see what would happen if these two forces collide.
4/23/08 11:52:01PM
gsp is my boy in all but he would get utterly destroyed by anderson.

Rampage vs anderson is a much more interesting match up. Anderson is an inch taller then rampage. anderson's muay thai is better then shogun or wanderlai and we both know what happend. anderson off his back is no joke. Imo hes got the best offensive guard in MMA. long legs he locks in the body triangle. considering andersons never been wobbled from a punch before and rampage has been TKO'd / ko'd 3 times. Anderson's losses were due to an undeveloped ground game. btt and the nogs have made his ground game world class. its not like rampage does any submissions anytways. i would hope the odds were big on rampage side so i could make some money off anderson domination.

bj penn vs gsp would be the second most one i wanna see.
4/24/08 12:07:31AM
Anderson/Rampage stomps GSP/Anderson badly IMHO.

GSP/Anderson just seems too much like a one sided fight. If it stays on the feet, Anderson will KO him easily with that crazy pin point accuracy. But if GSP takes it to the ground, he can easily GNP his way to a decision. I just couldn't see GSP finishing him since Anderson has one of the best guards in MMA so he will keep GSP at bay in that butterfly. Also Anderson already handled a stronger wrestling in Hendo. Also since Anderson's BJJ in MMA is better then Serra's not to mention he has longer limbs to keep GSP at bay and I've always thought GSP only looks so dominant because he's so huge against Hughes, Serra, and Kos which makes it easier to sprawl. But Anderson is just as big so it would be interesting to see if GSP could handle someone who's actually just as big as him with the same body type.

But with Anderson/Rampage, you have two guys who love to bang it out on the feet which is exciting as hell, Rampage will be brawling with the more power while Anderson tries to pick him apart from the outside with crazy flurries of pin point accuracy strikes. When Anderson locks on the clinch, Rampage will slam him. Rampage has good sub defense too. This fight just screams all out war with a middle rounds stoppage.

I just don't see the argument when you compare those breakdowns!
4/24/08 3:20:33AM
Anderson would beat both of them, but Anderson would dominate GSP so id rather see him fight Rampage, assuming he still has the belt (which i dont see) I see Machida as champ and Lyoto and Anderson are friends
4/24/08 11:37:11AM
i would much rather see Rampage v. Spider.

To me that would just be the more challenging fight for the Spider. Rampage is an incredibly powerful brawler and i just think that he would at least give Spider more trouble than GSP would.
GSP has already said that he wants to wrestle/jj guys versus standing with them. And as already stated Spider is just SICK on the ground and has some amazing JJ. IF GSP was able to get him down i'd like to say that he'd do well, but it would be rather boring and probably be over quickly if he got even slightly caught in a sub attempt.
4/24/08 11:45:10AM
Id rather see anderson vs rampage. It would be more competitive imo. I can see why people would want gsp vs silva though, in most peoples minds their the number 1 and 2 p4p fighters around now. Id personally like to see rampage, chuck or any of the top lhws for that matter face off against nog. I think most of the top 205ers would give him a good competitive match.
4/24/08 10:29:02PM
i dont think anderson would beat GSP... GSP would jedi mind **** himself.. and beat himself
4/30/08 5:20:00AM
It's the least interesting fight from my perspective.
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