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9/3/07 3:13:37PM
Has anyone read Serra's interview in "Fight!" magazine? He was mad at GSP for some remarks he made on a Canadian radio station so he called Rendo Gracie and told him not to let GSP train there anymore.
GSP had been bouncing around training w/various ppl, including Renzo Gracie's, which is Serra's protege and where he got his bjj b.belt from, so he made a call, and boom, GSP can't go there anymore.
These were GSP's remarks: "If I was going to fight Matt Hughes, I would never have taken the fight. I told myself, 'Oh, its Matt Serra. I can beat this guy easily. (page 27) He went on to say that he was injured and hadent't trained properly.

Apparently, GSP also had some family/issues (death?sickness?) going on at the time plus he mentioned something about a shoulder injury (I don't know if that's true or not, but nonetheless, Serra's pissed.
Serra went on to say that GSP is a "pathetic liar."
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