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3/21/09 4:10:24AM
"Today I shot a commercial for Gatorade - [I'm] proud to be the first MMA athlete to be sponsored by Gatorade, and also proud for the sport - it shows how far it has come. [It's] really an honor for me to be [in] the company of such other great athletes. Tomorrow I shoot the movie "Death Warrior" - I'll write more in a few days when I have some time. Thanks to everyone for all their support! "


Here's a 30-second teaser.
3/21/09 5:22:48AM
This is a pretty big deal. GSP deserves to be at the top of the advertising food chain, so using him is a no-brainer. But I'm really suprised that it's taken this long to get a major sponsor on board with MMA. Nike sponsors a few fighters in Japan, but not over here. I'm scutally getting pretty tired of seeing condom depot on everyone's trunks. The niche products like suppliment brands, Toyo Tires, and the like have been nice. But I think it's time to get some internationally recognized advertising into the fold. This would go a long way to further legitimizing the sport, as well as putting even bigger $$$ in fighter's pockets.

MMA trucks are going to be the new Nascars in the years to come.
3/21/09 8:36:07AM
Dont worry when NIke sees me fight they gonna give me a 90mil 10 year contract. im gonna grab my kicks when i take them off to enter the cage and show the world NIKE!, then im gonna grab then after i destroy my opponets and put them on in the cage for the world to see! NIKE! ;p.....

This is awesome, i cant wait for the day when NIke, and Walmart, and Target, and all sorts of random "brands" are making and gear, sponsering fighters etc ;p..

Great day and a step foward for MMA props to GSP
3/21/09 10:27:02AM
This is pretty cool. Congrats to the man for making it.
3/21/09 10:38:43AM
i am glad more fighters are going main stream cause their pay checks aren't doing it

more movies, more commercials, andorsments,
3/22/09 9:26:19PM
This is a huge deal for the sport. It is the start of mainstream advertising for MMA. GSP is a very good spokesperson for the sport IMO.
3/22/09 9:57:19PM
GSP is absolutely the best choice. He's personable, charismatic, and a great fighter...

my next best choice would be the guy TMAS that just wrote above. But, for now, GSP.

3/23/09 3:16:21AM
Its good for the sport, I hope more sports orientated company's take the leap and sponsor fighters.
3/23/09 10:23:26AM
I always figured it would be GSP or Rampage. With Page going through his personal trouble that kind of ruled him out though. If Rashad does somehow beat Page I think he could be next.
3/23/09 10:42:00AM
If he didn't already have those No Fear Energy spots they perhaps should've gone with Faber.
3/23/09 11:47:56AM
Good for the sport
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