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1/27/09 1:01:49PM
Being a part of the biggest fight in UFC history could rattle a lot of fighters. With millions watching all over the world and thousands of fans in attendance, just about anybody could feel the nerves shaking their body, or the butterflies in their stomach. But one fighter who is as calm as can be is UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who isn't thinking about hype, promotion or fan fare.

He's only thinking about one thing. B.J. Penn.

1/27/09 4:43:30PM
I wounder if he is thinking about BJ when he is doing the nasty.
1/28/09 12:58:02PM
Re-opening after closed for cleaning. Any more offending/bashing posts, whether fighter or nationality bashing or the like, and that's it. Bans will go to offenders.
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