Where did you grow up? Whats it known for?

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9/27/12 2:46:13PM
Southeastern Pennsylvania, about 1/2 hour from Philadelphia, close to where this happened:

...of course General Washington really crossed at night and the river isn't nearly that wide, and there is seldom jagged chunks of ice, more like long flat sheets of ice.
9/27/12 3:02:52PM
I grew up in a city in the sticks called Eagle Creek, Oregon.....right outside Estacada, Oregon. Know as the Christmas tree capital of the world. Oh, and tweaker city......lots of meth labs up in the woods along with bud crops.

Made famous () because that's where Matt Lindland resides
9/27/12 10:11:26PM
Lived in Walton, KY until I was 13. Horrible, horrible, horrible town - known for nothing except *maybe* Brian Pillman living there.

Lived in/around Fort Wayne since moving away from there. FW is known for being the birthplace of the (eventual) Detroit Pistons and NBA, the home of the television, home of Johnny Appleseed, yadda yadda yadda...here's a list from Wiki...

Manager of the Cleveland Indians from 2003–2009, Fort Wayne native Eric Wedge.

Professional Baseball
Isabel Álvarez, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
Lenna Arnold, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player (1946 Fort Wayne Daisies)
Rob Bowen, MLB (2003–2008)[7] Minnesota Twins, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics
Dottie Wiltse Collins, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (1944–1950; Minneapolis Millerettes, Fort Wayne Daisies)[8]
David Doster, MLB (1996, 1999)[7] Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Everitt, MLB (1895–1901)[7] Chicago Colts/Orphans, Washington Senators
Harold Greiner (1907–1993), All-American Girls Professional Baseball League manager (Fort Wayne Daisies) and restaurant entrepreneur (Bob Inn Restaurant and Bakery)
Louie Heilbroner, manager, MLB (1900) St. Louis Cardinals
Butch Henline, MLB (1921–1931)[7] New York Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Brooklyn Robins, Chicago White Sox
Naomi Meier, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
Ralph Miller, MLB (1920–1924)[7] Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Senators
Eric Wedge, player, MLB (1991–1994)[7] Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies; manager, MLB (2003–2009)[7] Cleveland Indians
Professional Basketball
Dan Godfread, NBA (1990/91-1991/92)[9] Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets
Henry James, NBA (1990/91-1997/98)[9] Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks
Kyle Macy, player, NBA (1980/81-1986/87)[9] Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers; sportscaster
Bill Roberts, NBA (1948/49-1949/50)[9] Chicago Stags, Boston Celtics, St. Louis Bombers
College Basketball
Mason Plumlee, player for Duke University
Miles Plumlee, player for Duke University
Professional Football
Jason Baker, NFL (2001–present)[10] San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers
Herb Banet, NFL (1937)[10] Green Bay Packers
Will Billingsley, NFL (no professional games played) Miami Dolphins
Bill Boedeker, NFL (1946–1950)[10] Chicago Rockets, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers
Johnny Bright, CFL (1952–1964)[11] Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos, subject of the "Johnny Bright Incident"
Vaughn Dunbar, NFL (1992–1995)[10] New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars
Eric England, NFL (1994–1996)[10] Arizona Cardinals
Trai Essex, NFL (2005–present)[10] Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII champion
Jason Fabini, NFL (1998–2008)[10] New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins
James Hardy, NFL (2008–present)[10] Buffalo Bills
Selwyn Lymon, NFL (no professional games played) Miami Dolphins
Le'Ron McClain, NFL (2007–present)[10] Baltimore Ravens
Bernard Pollard, NFL (2006–present)[10] Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens
Emil Sitko, NFL (1950–1952)[10] San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Cardinals
Lamar Smith, NFL (1994–2003)[10] Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers
Anthony Spencer, NFL (2007–present)[10] Dallas Cowboys
Elmer Wilkens, NFL (1925)[10] Green Bay Packers
Rod Woodson, NFL (1987–2003)[10] Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders, Pro Football Hall of Famer
Professional Golf
Amanda Blumenherst[12]
Billy Kratzert, golfer and sportcaster
Cathy Gerring
Professional Hockey
Dale Purinton, NHL (1999/2000-2003/04)[13] New York Rangers
Fred Knipscheer, NHL Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues
Martial Arts
Jon Fitch, MMA fighter with UFC
Dave Herman, MMA fighter with UFC
Professional Soccer
DaMarcus Beasley, Rangers FC of the Scottish Premier League, U.S. national team, MLS Chicago Fire
Jamar Beasley, MLS New England Revolution, Chicago Fire
Olympic Swimming and Diving
Matt Vogel, swimmer, two-time Olympic gold medalist, 1976 Summer Olympics
Sharon Wichman, swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, 1968 Summer Olympics
Dan Zehr, swimmer, 1932 Summer Olympics
Olympic Track and Field
LeShundra "DeDee" Nathan, 2000 Summer Olympics
College and Professional Volleyball
Dr. Don Shondell, head coach of Ball State's Men's volleyball program (1964–98), co-authored "Volleyball" and "The Volleyball Coaching Bible"[14]
Angie Akers, professional beach volleyball player
Lloy Ball, Olympic gold medalist, 2008 Summer Olympics
Other Notable Individuals
Eugene E. Parker, sports agent, 45th in "Sports Illustrated"'s 101 most influential minorities in sports[15][16]
Art Smith, aviator, invented "loop the loop"

Authors, writers, and journalists

Eric Baus, poet
Nicole Briscoe, 1998 Miss Teen USA semi-finalist, former journalist for CBS affiliate WANE-TV, current host of ESPN's NASCAR Now
E. Jean Carroll, author, journalist
Constance Cumbey, author, lawyer
Edith Hamilton, author, mythology expert, sister of Dr. Alice Hamilton
Stephen King, best-selling author (former resident)
Ross Lockridge, Jr., author, Raintree County
Michael A. Martone, author
George Jean Nathan, author, drama critic, founder of American Spectator
Emmanuel Ortiz, poet, writer
William Rockhill Nelson, founder of the Kansas City Star
Charlie Savage, Boston Globe columnist, 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winner
Chris Schenkel, sportscaster
Nancy Snyderman, NBC News chief medical editor, journalist

Business leaders

Andrew George Burry, philanthropist, paper box manufacturer
Patrick M. Byrne, president and CEO of Overstock.com
Dirk Gates, businessman, founder of Xircom and Xirrus
Angie Hicks, founder of AngiesList.com
Russell W. Kruse, auctioneer, founder of Kruse International
Cook Lougheed, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Allen County Councilman
Dale "Mr. Mac" McMillen, founder of Central Soya, Wayne Feeds, Allied Mills
Cosette Simon, philanhthropist, politician, first female mayor of Fort Wayne
Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's International
Kevin Wall, Emmy Award-winning producer, founder of Live Earth
Fred Zollner, industrialist, founder of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (later Detroit Pistons)
Zach Klein, co-founder of social networking site Vimeo

Fort Wayne native Jenna Fischer.

Joey Allen, glam metal guitarist, Warrant
Julia Barr, Daytime Emmy six-time nominee and two-time winning actress, All My Children
Jill Bennett, actress, Dante's Cove
Jeoffrey Benward, Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter
Eric Bruskotter, actor, Starship Troopers, Six Feet Under
Dan Butler, actor, Frasier
Sonny Charles, singer for Checkmates, Ltd. and the Steve Miller Band
Ann Colone, broadcaster, talkshow host, The Ann Colone Show
Monique Edwards, actress
Jenna Fischer, Emmy-nominated actress, The Office
Sharon Gabet, actress, The Edge of Night, One Life to Live
Hilliard Gates, sportscaster
Daniel E. Gawthrop, composer
Molly Hagan, actress
Heather Headley, Tony Award-winning and two-time Grammy Award-nominee, Broadway and R&B singer
Drake Hogestyn, actor, Days of our Lives
Neil LaBute, director, screenwriter, playwright
Stephanie Larimore, Playmate
Carole Lombard, Oscar-nominated actress, My Man Godfrey
Shelley Long, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-winning actress, Cheers
Marilyn Maxwell, actress, The Lemon Drop Kid

Carole Lombard in Fools For Scandal.

Patrick McVey, actor, Big Town, Boots and Saddles, Manhunt, North by Northwest
Edwin C. Metcalfe, saxophonist with Spike Jones
Megan Mullins, country music singer
Amanda Perez, R&B singer
Petra, Christian rock band
Chadd Pierce, voice actor
Robert Rusler, actor, Babylon 5, Weird Science
Jon Schaffer, heavy metal guitarist, songwriter, Iced Earth
Chris Schenkel, sportscaster
Jan Schweiterman, actor
Troy Shondell, singer
Herb Shriner, comedian, game show host, Two for the Money, father of Wil Shriner
Randy Thompson, actor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Herb Vigran, actor, White Christmas, The Flintstones, Benji
Dick York, actor, Bewitched
Jordan Witzigreuter, musician


Frank Burns, fictitious major played by Larry Linville from the series M*A*S*H
Dean Corll, serial killer, responsible for the deaths of 27 people
Fawn Liebowitz, a fictitious character mentioned in the movie National Lampoon's Animal House
Margaret Ringenberg, early female aviator
Colonel George Taylor, fictitious character played by Charlton Heston in the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes
Homer Van Meter, gangster, bank robber
Childe Wills, early associate of Henry Ford, contributed to design of Model T
Mary Worthington, known as Bloody Mary, fictitious character from the fifth episode of Season One of television series Supernatural.

Physicians and medical researchers

Alice Hamilton, M.D., first woman on faculty of Harvard Medical School, sister of Edith Hamilton
Leonard A. Scheele, M.D., former U.S. Surgeon General
Allen Steere, M.D., identifier of Lyme Disease
Susan Smalley, PhD, on faculty at UCLA Medical School, first to conduct genome-wide study in ADHD

Public servants
Seventh Governor of Indiana, Samuel Bigger

E. Ross Adair, former U.S. Representative and U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia
Robert E. Armstrong, former Fort Wayne mayor and councilman
Harry W. Baals, longest-serving mayor of Fort Wayne
Tim Berry, current Indiana State Auditor
Samuel Bigger, politician, seventh Governor of Indiana
James W. Borden, judge and diplomat
Claude Bowers, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Chile, author
Samuel Brenton, former U.S. Representative
Liz Brown, former Fort Wayne Councilwoman
Daniel R. Coats, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, former U.S. Representative, current U.S. Senator
Walpole G. Colerick, former U.S. Representative
Joseph K. Edgerton, former U.S. Representative
Shirley A. Field, former Oregon state legislator and judge
Phil GiaQuinta, current Indiana State Representative
Timothy Goeglein, former White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs Deputy Director (2001–2008)
Allen Hamilton, first Allen County, Indiana sheriff, banker
Mitch Harper, current Fort Wayne councilman, former Indiana State Representative
Tom Hayhurst, former Fort Wayne councilman
Paul Helmke, former Fort Wayne mayor and president of Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Jane Henney, former head of the FDA
Tom Henry, former Fort Wayne councilman, current Fort Wayne mayor
William J. Hosey, former Fort Wayne mayor
Merchant W. Huxford, physician and former Fort Wayne mayor
Samuel D. Jackson, former U.S. Senator
Matt Kelty, politician, architect
Sandra Kennedy, current Fort Wayne city clerk
Edward H. Kruse, former U.S. Representative
Henry Lawton U.S. Army General during Spanish-American War, namesake of Lawton, Oklahoma
Robert Lowry, former U.S. Representative
Hugh McCulloch, former United States Secretary of the Treasury, first Comptroller of the Currency, namesake of McCulloch Park
Robert Meyers, judge and former Fort Wayne mayor
Winfield Moses, former Fort Wayne mayor, current Indiana State Representative
Cherrish Pryor, current Indiana State Representative
Ben Quayle, current U.S. Representative
Graham Richard, entrepreneur, former Fort Wayne mayor
Mark Souder, former U.S. Representative
Harold J. Warner, former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice
George W. Wood, first mayor of Fort Wayne

Religious leaders
Johnny Appleseed, Harper’s Magazine, 1871.

Herman Joseph Alerding, Roman Catholic clergyman, Bishop of Fort Wayne Diocese (1900–1924)
John Chapman, Swedenborgian, nurseryman, missionary, famous American folklore figure Johnny Appleseed
Archbishop John F. Noll, founder of Our Sunday Visitor

Scientists and inventors

Sylvanus Bowser, inventor of the gas pump
Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the television
9/28/12 1:03:04AM
Talk about trying to make Ft Wayne look better than it is...
9/28/12 8:57:48AM

Posted by cowcatcher

Talk about trying to make Ft Wayne look better than it is...

LMAO. So true.

Okay...we had a mayor named Harry Baals.
9/28/12 9:47:03AM

Posted by cowcatcher

Talk about trying to make Ft Wayne look better than it is...

The crazy thing is he knew all of that info from the top of his head.
9/28/12 11:23:02AM
West Columbia, Texas

First capital of Texas
9/28/12 3:08:32PM
Effingham SC. We have a very smelly cannery, asshole cops, the Pee Dee river, and a bar. And woods. Lots of woods.
9/29/12 9:51:48PM

Posted by Shawn91111

Grew up in Syracuse, NY - Big mall and College University are big in the city.

Split time living in Boca Raton, Florida - Nice Beaches, Intercostal and shopping.

I went to Cortland. The Carousel Mall is the best.
9/30/12 2:24:09AM
I grew up in a prison. Its known for being inexcapable. Except for a few
9/30/12 12:17:50PM
Villalba, Puerto Rico

known for nothing
9/30/12 6:46:00PM
Grew up in Coronado California
Island connected to san Diego
Navy town. If there is a global war coronado would be nuked first in the USA. Big navy base takes half the island up

Great place to grow up
No gangs nor bums. A lot and a lot of white girls for a Mexican like me
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