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9/9/07 10:28:14PM
The definition of Grindhouse:

A theatre playing back-to-back films exploting sex, violence, and other extreme subject matter.

Grindhouses were typically a dirty old thearte who would play gorey movies. These movies often only had one copy so they would become dirty and cut-up therefore makign the movie kind of shitty.

The makers of grindhouse sort of simulated this type of movie.

The first one called "Deathproof" is absolutly amazing. It's probably one of my favourite movies of the year

I suggest watching it
9/9/07 11:14:33PM
I think Planet Terror was better
9/9/07 11:18:46PM
Really, lots of people tell me Deathproof was. I havn't had the pleasure of watching it yet. Doesn't come out until next month, but once it does I'll definatly be watching it
9/9/07 11:44:09PM
Yeah Bro Planet Terror is a lot better just becaue Deathproof is slow at times
9/11/07 12:35:50PM
i will chech it oout
9/11/07 6:20:06PM
Planet Terror was the more visually entertaining of the two, but death proof had some really good Tarentino Banter and hot chicks... They both complement eachother quite well actually...

If I had to pick one I'd go with planet Terror just cause I like zombie movies... But like I said, Deathproof is classic Tarentino... Both worth watching...

Don't understand why they flopped in the theatres?

Hope they come out with a sweet boxset for them.
9/11/07 9:19:05PM
when do they come out on DVD anyone know?
9/12/07 9:22:34AM
Deathproof comes out Septemeber 18th and Planet Terror comes out October 16th.

The box set will come out a month after Planet Terror which has the fake preveiws in it too.
9/13/07 10:29:40AM
Planet Terror > Deathproof

There was a rumor about Grindhouse 2: Thanksgiving and Don't
Do you know any news about this? I'll be really excited if they do Thanksgiving.
9/17/07 11:40:24PM
One of my friends told me that one of the trailers was turned into a movie, and its on teh Planet Terror DVD. Thats why its coming out so much later then Deathproof.
9/18/07 1:18:57AM
I cant wait. Im gettin both because they were awesome. and I did hear a rumor about grindhouse 2. I heard it might be Thanksgiving and Nazi Werewolves (whatever its called)
9/18/07 10:10:11AM
I'm annoyed with the distribution of the DVD (for those who don't already know, distribution rights are owned exclusively by Blockbuster, so you can't get it from Netflix, for instance). I'd say there's an excellent chance I'll never see this film.