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10/2/08 11:36:48PM
On the list of things that make me very happy, there arn't too many things that are ranked above red meat over hot coals. These days I don't have nearly enough time to experiment with new recipes/ seasonings, etc. So I thought I'd open the floor and get a little help from the playgound.

I'll just list what I'm using on a regular basis incase anyone else wants to try something different. (I live in Minnesota, if I list something that doesn't sound familiar it's likely a regional product)

First off, I'm grilling on your standard charcoal, drum-shaped grill. (I personally can't stand the thought of using gas.) And no matter what goes on my grill, it gets a short smoking with Jack Daniel's smoking chips (I get them at walmart) Smoking ships

I use Famous Daves Steak & Burger seasoning on beef. Seasoning

I also recently found possibly the eight wonder of the world. Tastefully simple pomegranate chipotle sause. I swear I think I could sread this stuff on toast it's so damn good. Sause

But I think it's time to try something new. You guys got any suggestions?
10/3/08 9:44:04AM
im a chef so i can give you as many recipes as you would like. here are a few favorites that you may like to try. i dont have specific amounts so you will have to play around a little bit and adjust things to your liking.

asian marinade #1
soy sauce
sesame oil

asian marinade #2

syracha (available at asian markets)
rice wine vinegar
sugar (more than you think you would use)
orange juice

southwestern marinade (this would be great with the pomegranate chipotle sauce you mentioned)

hot sauce (texas pete, tabasco, whatever)
worstechire sauce
chilli powder (if you grind your own it will be bettter)
cayenne peppers
garlic powder
onion powder
10/3/08 10:00:09AM
don't squish ur meat on the grill with ur spatula... #1 mistake people make. Dont want the fat?? go eat a microwaved turkey burger...
10/3/08 10:23:14AM
Throw some seasoning/spices over the hot coals.

Also...make your own BBQ sauce. Look up a basic recipe online and experiment with it by adding or removing ingredients to suit your taste buds. A sauce I use quite a bit consists of: ketchup, apple butter, chopped onion, worcestershire, salt, pepper, garlic...let it summer and reduce before coating your ribs, chicken, pork chops, etc. with it.
10/3/08 11:53:40AM
This is an awsome thread Idea Props to boJangles

I will add some stuff later, because everyone should enjoy a BBQ
10/3/08 8:12:30PM
Montreal Steak seasoning is good on anything and everything
10/4/08 7:36:40PM
i think the emeril seasons on pretty good.

im not a master griller or a chef or anything, but im a firm believer in a good marinade and some light spices (buy the good meat)


one thing ive heard from a few chefs but never really tried is marinading chicken in yogurt (plain), ive never tried it with any meat, but heard good things, i plan on trying it soon.

anybody know?
10/4/08 8:34:32PM
I dont know if anyone else has tried this or heard of it but mix grape jelly with chili sauce from the can and it is one of the BEST BBQ sauces i have ever had.
kinda sweet and really good.
10/5/08 9:35:50AM
really good simple bbq/steak sauce recipe:

heat a mixture of worstechire sauce with brown sugar and garlic cloves until it is warm. add some tamarind pulp that you can buy at either asian or latin american groceries (omit this step and the sauce is still off the hook). thicken with ketchup and strain. you can brush this on the meat while it is grilling, although be careful because all the sugar will burn if you let it, or just use as a sauce afterwards. it is good on just about anything. this is the sauce we use on our steaks at the restaurant.

you can also use this as a base to make other bbq sauces. add some chipotles and/or bourbon to make a chipotle bourbon bbq sauce. add some mustard and cumin to change the taste a bit. you get the idea, play with it and experiment...
10/5/08 10:16:38AM
Gread thread idea!

One simple steak marinade is:

Balsamic vinegar
Worcestershire sauce
and about half a pack of Good Seasons Italian dressing mix.

Also, there is a BBQ joint outside Austin, TX has is one of the best in the world. You can buy their sauce and dry rub online HERE
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