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8/10/09 8:50:38PM
perfectly said
8/10/09 9:02:48PM
Anderson Silva is the snake to my mongoose or the mongoose to my snake, i don't know animals, ether way hes respectfully
8/10/09 9:37:16PM
This isn't the first time Griffin has broke down mentally after a fight (Jardine fight come to mind). He used that fight to become better and I think he'll use this one to do the same. One thing Forrest can't get better is his slightly weak jaw.
8/10/09 10:42:12PM
Silva is so good ........even Chuck Norris is scared of him !!!!
8/11/09 11:22:24AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

the backlash is bad, heard that fans and ufc fighters are ashamed of griffin actions and are turning on him

I haven't heard anything like that in fact I have only heard the opposite. Fighters have shown empathy for his humiliating loss. Having stepped up to fight the best fighter in the world (instead of Thiago Silva) and training his ass off to NOT be humilated. He was a sacrificial lamb.

Also it seemed to me that he was quickly escorted off not that he just up and ran. I thought the Evans loss would have been more devistating but he handled that one fine so I think we should stick around to hear the whole story and quit making **** up.
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