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9/25/07 6:16:54PM
Coming off of the biggest win in his career – a victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 76 in Anaheim, Calif. on Saturday night – Forrest Griffin is already being asked about his next opponent and when he can be expected to appear in the Octagon again.

9/25/07 6:28:46PM
i'd like to see it but won't get my hopes up
9/25/07 7:59:25PM
i think it'd be the same thing that happened with shogun... if wnderlei would be able to get him early then it'd be wanderlei easy... but the longer the fight goes on the less and less chance he would have to finish him... forest is one of the best fighters in the late rounds.
9/25/07 8:04:07PM
I rather see the axe murderer go up against Jardine.
9/25/07 8:37:48PM
what about Houston Alexander vs. Wanderlei? or maybe thats too early for houston...
9/25/07 8:49:17PM
Forrest Griffin. That man is a fighter. He is what fighting is all about. He doesnt care who he fights he just wants to fight. I'll be the first to say i thought Forrest was going to lose to Shogun and by knock out but the way this man handles himself theres no way you can't like him. He doesn't care if its Wandi or Jardine or Tito. He wantsto fight them all and with Couture in his corner and that impressive performance over Shogun its hard to see why he wouldn't.
9/25/07 11:12:23PM
I totally agree, you couldn't ask for a more agreeable guy. He will fight whoever they put in front of him, and right now all those names are big!! His work ethic during training is fast becoming legend as well. If Randy has to kick your butt out of the gym, then I think you put in a good days work!!!
9/26/07 12:27:21PM
“That’s tough,” said Griffin when choosing between Jardine and Ortiz. “That’s like do you want Sara Lee or do you want Little Debbie?”

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