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POLL: Who will win?
Ramirez 22% (2)
Griffin 78% (7)
5/28/07 9:04:13PM
Who do you guys think will win Forest Griffin vs Hector Ramirez? I think Griffin will win but i have a feeling lots of people dont think Ramirez even has a chance. I think it will be a pretty good fight and only give Forest a slight edge in this fight.
5/28/07 9:05:59PM
The big question is where Griffin is at mentally after getting KO'd by Jardine. If hes on, I think he'll beat Ramirez. Otherwise I think it'll be a long night for him.
5/28/07 9:31:36PM
I have picked Ramirez as I think that Griffin has long been overrated in MMA. I'm quite confident that this fight will be the nail in Griffin's UFC coffin.
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