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POLL: Who Wins and How?
Griffin - (T)KO 7% (3)
Griffin - Submission 0% (0)
Griffin - Decision 57% (25)
Jardine - (T)KO 16% (7)
Jardine - Decision 20% (9)
Jardine - Submission 0% (0)
3/12/09 6:27:29PM
This is going to be a very entertaining rematch, Forrest has greatly improved since the first fight and has pretty much changed his style of fighting. Jardine has improved as well, I was really impressed with Jardine in his fight with Rampage, he actually dazed Rampage at the end of round 2. If Jardine had stayed on his feet the last ten seconds of round 3 he might have got the nod.

Since the First Fight:

Forrest Griffin - Wins over Ramirez, Shogun, Rampage. Loss to Rashad Evans

Keith Jardine - Wins over Liddell, Vera. Losses to Houston, Wandy, and Page

In my opinion they have both been very successful, Shogun and Rampage are huge victories for Forrest, Liddell and Vera are huge victories for Jardine. I do think Forrest has been more consistant of the two and more successful by capturing the title. Jardine has alternated win/loss for his last five fights.

I think for Forrest to win he has to circle Jardine and use his range and his body/leg/head kicks. He needs to let Jardine come after him like Houston and Wandy did before they attacked. Forrest needs to show all area's, he has good trips from the clinch and should try for a takedown some point during the fight. He cant brawl with Jardine oherwise he'll get caught like last time, he can't be as aggressive as he usually is. If he fights Jardine like he did Rampage, Forrest will win decisively.

For Jardine to win, he needs to fight the safe fight as well, whenever he has rushed in after a good striker he got stopped, he fought this gaameplan against Rampage and only went after him when he dazed him. He needs to get in and throw a combination and then get out, if he does this repeatedly he will frustrate Forrest and Forrest will revert to the old brawling style. Jardine needs to be careful though, I believe Forrest's punching power is a bit underrated, and he rocked Evans a few times during that fight. Basically Jardine should wear out the lead leg and then work on Forrest's face which has been known to cut easy.

My Prediction: Forrest will fight a very safe and intelligent fight like he did against Rampage and Ramirez, Jardine will stalk Forrest and pay for it, I believe Forrest will come out on top by a hard earned decision.
3/12/09 6:42:57PM
I'm going the other way. Forrest is my favorite fighter but Jardine, I think, would pull out a decision or ko. I don't see forrest hurting him with standup or kicks, whereas the Dean can do both. Forrest was winning the first fight before he got tagged and I don't know if he could stay out of a slugfest if one broke out.
3/12/09 6:44:16PM
I think that Jardine would grind out a decision, scoring with a ton of kicks.
3/12/09 7:07:25PM
Forrest by UD.

I dont think Forrest respected Jardine's power last time they fought. It looked like Forrest was actually trying to initiate a slug fest. Forrest will probably come out with a better gameplan this time out and stay on the outside and keep Jardine at bay with head and body kicks and the straight right when jardine moves in.

Then we can see Jardine Liddell 2!!! i know im probly the only one here who wants to see this but i want Liddell to get some revenge.
3/12/09 7:24:58PM
That is a fight im sure a lot of fans want to see, they have both improved drastically since they first fought. If they fight again it will be a back and forth three round war, who wins could go either way
3/12/09 10:05:09PM
I'm going with jardine for split decision. Hopefully his cardio will better then what showed in the rampage fight.
3/13/09 2:48:41PM
I'm going with Forrest... hes not the same fighter he was last time they went at it.... but Jardine is
3/13/09 3:15:28PM
Griffin U Decision
3/14/09 11:21:01AM
they haven't even annouced the fight yet i still think forrest should fight page again

i see same outsome jardine wins by decision
3/14/09 8:21:38PM
Jardine has the power to Ko forrest again for sure. Freest will likely not wade right into him this thime though. I say Forrest UD, Lots of Forrest on top position looking for a sub that wont come.
3/14/09 8:56:54PM
Ill be picking Jardine.

Jardine uses his reach very effectively, i think hes going to peg him early in the second with a right straight that drops him and enables Jardine to GnP for a stoppage.
3/26/09 5:33:25PM
I think that Forrest would win a second time. He knows what to expect from Jardine now, And if Forrest wins we could see a rubber match.
3/27/09 9:09:37AM
To win, Forrest will have to be aggressive and brawl to get the early KO or jardine with KO him again. Trying to strike on the outside with Jardine is just dumb, that's his bread and butter picking people apart from the outside so why would Forrest want to fight Intelligent? Jardine only loses when your aggressive and Brawl besides only Bonnar(got robbed) and Rampage fight but Rampage has a great chin and jardine still shook him up with that one combo that would have put Forrest on the mat.

Jardine KO in 2
3/27/09 11:52:25AM
Forrest Griffin wins a 30-27 Unanimous Decision.
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