92: Griffin v. Evans.

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POLL: Outcome of Griffin v. Evans
Griffin by Sub 13% (5)
Griffin by KO/TKO 13% (5)
Evans by Sub. 0% (0)
Evans by KO/TKo 0% (0)
FG dec. 63% (25)
RE dec. 13% (5)
10/21/08 1:02:41PM
Even though its not the main event, the fight that i'm most looking forward to is Forrest Griffin versus Rashad Evans. Both of these fighters were either underestimated or extremely lucky in there last fights.
Two of the biggest upsets in the past couple months were Rashad over Chuck and Forrest over Rampage.
My choice is Forrest, I think he is tough and I think Rashad got a bit Lucky against the Iceman.
Who is gonna take it.
10/21/08 1:12:06PM
i think Forrest will use his superior cardio to take it to the later rounds and get the TKO over Rashad. i see Forrest winning the stand up in the early rounds by using his reach and leg kicks to keep the distance. i also think he'll be able to defend the takedown attempts and even perhaps turn the tables on Rashad and take him down like he did to Rampage. i think this fight will hit the ground at the end with Forrest on top where he'll get the ground and pound TKO in the 4th round to remain the LHW Champ.
10/21/08 1:47:03PM
forrest all the way rashad imo doesnt have the will to fight forrest type of fight for five rounds and he will gass in the fourth and forrest will take the sub ftw
10/21/08 1:57:13PM
I'm taking Evans by Decision
10/21/08 3:06:45PM
I'm gonna go with Evans UD.
10/21/08 3:10:51PM
I want to go with Evans but I can't find myself picking against Forrest. I still truly believe Rampage and him fought to a draw but still I don't think I can count him out ever....
10/21/08 3:32:47PM
im goin with forest by UD
10/21/08 3:34:12PM
forest UD in an unspectacular match.....god i hope im wrong, but this one looks like a snoozer to me.
10/21/08 3:42:18PM
Rashad is a better wrestler, he proved to have a very good boxing too and his cardio is not that bad, he will train for 5 a rd fight so he should be ok, of course Forrest is a cardio and will machine.

I think Rashad will have a better game plan than Rampage was having, so i see this fight being very close with a small advantage to Rashad if he can use his wrestling effectively.

So Rashad UD.

10/21/08 4:00:53PM
was rashad the underestimated and griffin the extremely lucky? thats how i see it
10/21/08 6:55:12PM
I think Forrest will submit Rashad late in the fight with an armbar or triangle choke.
10/21/08 9:43:47PM
It is the main event, I like forrest in this fight but I am more excited about the Rampage and Wanderlei fight
10/22/08 2:16:15AM
forrest always fights better as the underdog which makes me very worried about this fight
10/22/08 6:10:06AM
As long as Griffin can stuff the takedowns i think he will have this in the bag. Griffin by UD

EDIT: jeez we better be right or gsquat will never let us forget it. i realized that with rashad vs chuck
10/22/08 11:44:58AM

Posted by haggiswashere

As long as Griffin can stuff the takedowns i think he will have this in the bag. Griffin by UD

EDIT: jeez we better be right or gsquat will never let us forget it. i realized that with rashad vs chuck

Especially me since i have an AV bet with him on this......But no fear. Forrest is going to RNC him in the 3rd.
10/22/08 11:52:22AM
I ll take Griffin on a fourth rd sub. As long as griffin doesn't try to rush rashad as he is backpedling like against Chuck and that he can stuff the TD attemps Griffin should win this one.
10/22/08 1:07:08PM
I don't know why, but Griffin is definitely the better technical fighter. But for some reason I think Evans is gonna take this one. I think it could just potentially be a bad match up for Griffin. I got Evans by a decision. I don't really see either of these guys being able to finish this fight.
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