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2/9/09 10:27:55AM

Posted by emfleek

How many of you had Grice in your parlay?



2/9/09 1:49:02PM
I didn't like this stoppage at all, i mean look at what Grice did to Veach earlier in that fight. I mean, Veach looked to be out twice...Then Veach connects and sends Grice down and he lands less shots than Grice did..
I don't understand how that was a correct stoppage, Troy Waugh needs to peace out, imo
2/9/09 10:12:14PM

2/10/09 4:43:04PM
I don't think Waugh gave Grice a fair opportunity to come back and defend himself... Especially when you look at the # that Grice was pulling on Veach early in the round... It has to be really frustrating especially for the fighter...

With all that being said, the referees are trained to see when a fighter can or cannot defend himself and they are in there making a split second decision that can littereally have the health and well-being of a 25 y/o kid in their hands...

Llke I said it is frustrating to watch what we see as inconsistency in refereeing, but fighters are different and if Waugh saw something in Grice's eyes that told him he was done, I'm more inclined to go with his guy as appose to people who have limited view from their telelvisions.... I think this is a case where you just have to give the ref, the guy who's in there with the fighters, the benefit of the doubt
2/10/09 5:12:55PM
terrible stoppage one of the worst
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