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POLL: Alouettes or Stampeders?
Als 46% (6)
Stamps 54% (7)
11/23/08 10:05:03AM
Well hello again,

This is probly a bit more for our fellow Canadians on the playground, although I do know quite a few bros from the U.S. who follow it just as much as us. Anyways, the day has finally come, it's time for the Grey Cup, time for WAAAAR. My question is this, Montreal Alouettes or Calgary Stampeders???

I see it going down like this. Calgary has pretty much all the right weapons at QB and WR, and one of the best defenses to top that off. They're special teams are also in the top 5 of the league. Now Montreal, the passing game's there with Calvillo having a career year, passing game was always there with Cahoon at slotback always eating up the D, you got Watkins, dominating WR and the new found talent Jamel Richardson who came out of nowhere at the beginning of the year. The clincher for us is at the RB, Avon Cobourn will eat up that D-line IMO. On our downside though, our DB's arent the best and that probly where we'll get caught the most.

My prediction: Montreal 34 - Calgary 27

11/23/08 11:15:22AM
Stamps til Death!
11/23/08 7:33:35PM
Montreal by a TD.
11/23/08 9:29:21PM
was i wrong.

Cgy won by 8, man those fans in montreal must be pissed
11/23/08 9:39:33PM
WAR Ti-Cats we suck haha
11/24/08 11:40:46AM

Posted by RampageOwnedYou

was i wrong.

Cgy won by 8, man those fans in montreal must be pissed

yes indeed
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