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6/6/12 1:02:21AM
UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones smashed his car into a pole in the early morning hours of May 19 in Binghamton, N.Y. He was arrested under suspicion of DWI, for which he later plead guilty, accepting a plea bargain.

While fan reaction has been mixed, Jones has received support from his manager, Malki Kawa, and his boss, UFC president Dana White.

The latest addition to the list of those that continue to publicly back Jones is his coach, Greg Jackson, who recently addressed the issue on HDNet’s InsideMMA.

6/6/12 1:18:39AM
whats he gonna disown his cash cow?
6/6/12 1:47:02AM
DWI is apparently the right thing

6/6/12 2:39:47AM
Shut up Greg Jackson.
6/6/12 7:05:21AM
Thanks for the explanation ceasar...
6/6/12 1:41:03PM
i don't mind if jones wants to take the mike tyson route as long as he equals his 44 KO mark...but I'm sure jackson would rather have 44 dec wins instead
6/6/12 2:20:20PM
After Jackson told Grease to hit Alves with his "hurt" hamstring I stopped listening.
6/6/12 2:36:45PM
It's about what I expected him to say
6/6/12 3:41:08PM
I'ma troll jones right now....wish kevin randleman were back hed pwn you jones!!!!!
6/6/12 4:31:01PM
Jackson would back Jones, even if Jones was doing the diarrea dance on his coaches face every morning as a training ritual. He would just be happy Jones wasn't risking his own health by drinking pe-pe like a former champ.
6/6/12 4:57:20PM

Posted by jjeans

DWI is apparently the right thing

DUH! DWI is fine as long as you're famous and you "own up to it." Whatever that means.

He better feel unbelievably blessed that he didn't kill anyone in the process.