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6/27/07 11:00:13PM
Hi everyone im from New York to bad i just became a member, hope i could do good cause im a mma fan since 1993 when i was living in a small town in Colombia, my big brother was living in NY and went back home to visit and gave me a UFC tape wich included all the greats Gracie,Shamrock ,(the begining)ever since i love everything thats has to do with MMA i created i camp that is N Y Top Team Everyone is invited.

Also what ur guys tought about Royce Gracie positive for steroids use??
6/28/07 1:07:24AM
Welcome to the site. We're glad to have you. Don't forget to update your fighter rankings.
6/30/07 2:52:11PM
Welcome From Iowa!, And Welcome to the site! Good Luck!
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