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7/10/12 1:36:25PM
Hello, I'm Mike. I really enjoy the website; I've been looking for a great MMA fantasy program/website and this one really exceeded my expectations!

One question, is there a way you can add friends to a friends list? (that aren't in your fight camp)

7/10/12 1:42:53PM
Hey man congrats. I don't think there is anything like a friends list on the site. But there is a FB page you can join
7/10/12 2:53:21PM
Welcome to the site. Good luck with the picks and wagers.
7/10/12 3:08:52PM
Welcome to the site Coffeyy! This truly is the best fantasy MMA site going. Check out the League 2 tab at the top of the page, that is where all of your non-UFC picks can be made. I believe there is a Strikeforce card this weekend that is up for picking

And good luck tomorrow on the UFC on FX card
7/10/12 3:33:26PM
Hello from Mississippi. play nice on the playground, or we'll throw sand in your eyes!

to answer your Q, no there isnt, but there should be
7/10/12 4:03:25PM
Welcome brother

Hope you enjoy the PG I know all of us do
7/10/12 4:38:49PM
Welcome to the only MMA site you will wanna go to. We do it right...well, most of us anyway. We're one big happy family...for real
7/10/12 4:44:20PM
Indeed, welcome.

You'll actually find that most many of us just treat our friends like we would in real life. A bunch of us text/facebook/call each other all the time to wax MMA. Pretty much like an actual Playground.
7/10/12 5:20:49PM
Welcome! Glad to see you like this place as much as we do!
7/10/12 8:35:14PM
a fellow buckeye welcoming you to the site
7/10/12 8:39:09PM
Welcome to the PG
7/10/12 11:13:48PM
7/12/12 12:05:43AM
Wow, didn't expect to receive so many friendly replies! Thanks for the very warm welcome. :)
7/12/12 12:13:02AM
welcome to the PG We are a very respectful long as you aren't Vikingr lol
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